Credit history: Do You Know What It Is And How To Improve It?

If you have a loan or a credit card with a value equal to or greater than 50 euros, you have a history or “credit card” at PR Bank, which you can access with a few simple clicks

Have you contracted a home or car loan or used your credit card for purchases? If the answer to the question is affirmative, your name is listed in the PR Bank database, which lists all individuals and companies that have credits, regardless of whether they are current or not.


Credit responsibility map

credit card

This is a Credit Responsibility Map (MRC), which can be – and is – consulted by you or by financial institutions whenever you are asked for a credit to assess not only the customer’s effort rate but also whether it has the other credits in your name up to date. To consult it, simply go to the PR Bank Credit Responsibility Center and follow the instructions. Once you accept the conditions and authenticate, you can have access to the “information query for up to a maximum of five years”.

Note: Checking your MRC regularly allows you to detect fraudulent activity or any errors in your history. The faster you correct them, the sooner you can be free of complications. Remember that all the information contained in it has an impact on your access to credit.


Credit History 5 stars

Credit History 5 stars

Maintaining a good credit history, with no “landmarks” that could make it difficult for you to access future loans or credits, basically requires keeping your payments up to date. All it takes is a breach to smear a history, even a flawless one. Even if the breach is not yours – if a guarantor or credit guarantor of your better half, another family member or friend and this is in default, this is reflected in its MRC, may condition the approval of future claims that may request. The same happens with any fraudulent activity or irregularities until corrected.

We also recommend that if for any reason, you fail to make a payment, you should immediately contact your financial institution to establish a new viable payment plan.

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