With the help of CSOK and home loan one and a half times bigger apartment

So far, banks have asked for 20% of own funds for a 10 million real estate loan, which means a minimum of 2 million forints.

As of July 1, 2015, we can supplement this deductible with a family home improvement allowance ( CSOK support ), which, if we have 2 children, can be HUF 1 million. (support depends on the number of children, the useful floor area of ​​the apartment and the energy rating of the apartment).

So if you look only at the deductible ratio

So if you look only at the deductible ratio

With the 3 million forints including the subsidy, you can buy a real estate for 15 million forints. True, in this case, the amount of home loan that can be claimed will also be higher.

There is a great deal of interest in Socpol 2015 , as the fantasy of many is fueled by the possibility of “free money”, which can be obtained as non-refundable support.
The novelty of the previous subsidy system is that it is possible to buy a flat used with CSOK , whereas previously only the purchase and construction of new real estate was supported.
On the other hand, housing support is available after one child.

In brief, the substance of the aid is as follows


As of July 1, 2015, the Renewed Socpol, renamed Families Home Creation Benefit , is a non-refundable state subsidy for housing rights subject to property rights. The most important changes are that you can buy used real estate
and it is available from a child.

The amount of support depends on the floor area of ​​the property, its energy rating and last but not least the number of children. Although Sococ 2015 is considered a deductible for home loans, the calculation practice differs from bank to bank, so ask for our help.

How much flat does CSOK offer you to buy?

The Good Finance, through the demands of an average-sized family with an average home, demonstrates how much second-hand property can be bought with CSOK (and home loan ).

Thinking about the above example, if a family with two children would buy a 10 million HUF real estate with a down payment of HUF 2 million and a housing loan of HUF 8 million, at the current Pest panel prices (HUF 230 thousand / m2) buy.

If, on the other hand, you can count on CSOK, you can supplement your 2 million HUF own funds with 1 million HUF to a total of 3 million HUF, so you can borrow a higher amount (12 million HUF). Here, too, the calculating practice of a home loan bank depends on you, so be sure to ask for help choosing a home loan and a financier.
So, using the CSOK and the home loan , a family of 4 people can own a 15 million HUF, 66 m2 apartment.

All in all, with the help of CSOK, in this optimal case, the size and value of the property to be purchased could be increased by one and a half times.

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