A mosque denounces the call against LGBTI+ violence launched by the municipality of Amsterdam


The board of directors of the Blue Mosque in Amsterdam is angry with a letter from the municipality. In it, Mayor Femke Halsema asks the authorities of the mosque to sign a statement of support calling for the condemnation of violence against LGBTI+ people. The Blue Mosque called it “absurd, discriminatory and accusatory”.

“The fact that only mosques are asked to explicitly condemn violence is a direct accusation against the Islamic community,” the mosque said in a statement.

Halsema has invited the boards of mosques in Amsterdam to a meeting next Monday on the protection of the LGBTI+ community “and the contribution that mosques can make to strengthen the safety of this group”. The invitation letter says the mayor will present a statement to the mosque’s governing bodies condemning violence against LGBTI+ people and expressing support “for those who have been subjected to this form of discrimination and violence.”

The mayor “would like as many mosque boards as possible to sign this statement to show that mosques are a positive force in Amsterdam society”. According to the Blue Mosque, this means “specifically that the Islamic community is found guilty for the umpteenth time” with suspicion on the part of the government “until proven otherwise”.

A Halsema spokesperson says Jewish and Christian organizations are also being asked to sign a similar statement. According to the municipality, religious organizations play an important role in the fight against discrimination and violence against LGBTI+ people, due to the direct contact they have with the believers they represent. “We don’t ask that much of them,” the spokesperson said.

The Blue Mosque says it’s possible the appeal was also made to other religions, ‘but what we know is only what’s in this letter,’ a doorman said. speech. The organization will not come to Monday’s meeting.

The Blue Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the country. The organization often talks about the position of Muslims and other social issues. The spokesperson cannot say exactly how many people the mosque represents, but according to him, around a thousand people come to the sermon on Fridays.


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