Alabama Center for Law and Liberty Opposes Montgomery LGBTQ Non-Discrimination Order


The conservative Alabama Center for Law and Freedom sent a letter on behalf of himself and six allied organizations urging Montgomery City Council to reject a proposed ordinance they say would force Christians to violate their religious beliefs or face fines in certain circumstances.

The proposed ordinance would make sexual orientation and gender identity classes protected by law. The ACLL says that across the country, ordinances like these have caused problems for Christians and others who have religious objections to LGBTQ people.

The ACLL said, for example, that in Colorado, a Christian pastry shop owner named Jack Phillips has been embroiled in nine years of litigation because he would not bake a cake to celebrate a same-sex marriage or gender transition. ‘a person.

The ACLL and its allied organizations fear similar cases could occur in Montgomery.

Matthew Clark is the Executive Director of ACLL.

“As we read the ordinance, churches could be fined if they refuse to allow transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice, and they could be fined if they refuse to let transgender people. Same-sex couples use their facilities for weddings, ”Clark said. “They could also be fined if they refused to hire non-ministerial staff, such as principals or secretaries, whose sexual orientation or gender identity contradicts the upholders of the faith. ‘church.”

Clark said the problems wouldn’t end there.

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“Christian schools, small business owners and landlords are also in the crosshairs. Schools could be held accountable if they refused to let transgender students use the locker rooms of their choice, ”Clark said. “Small business owners like Jack Phillips could be held accountable. And homeowners who list their homes on Airbnb could be fined if they refuse to let a same-sex couple engage in sexual activity in their home that violates tenants of their faith.

The ACLL warned city council that if this passes, litigation could result and the city would likely lose.

The ACLL was joined in the letter by representatives from Liberty Counsel, the Alabama Policy Institute, the Foundation for Moral Law, the Southeast Law Institute, the Eagle Forum of Alabama, and the H. Johnson Center for Political Economy.

the ACLL is a Birmingham-based, not-for-profit conservative legal organization and is the litigation arm of the Alabama Policy Institute.


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