Amid Dramatic Increase in Youth Seeking Support, EHN Canada Offers Unique Program Designed for Adolescent Mental Health Treatment


TORONTO, September 28, 2021 / CNW / – According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, one in five children and young people, or 1.2 million Canada are affected by mental illness.

EHN Outpatient Services’ new Healthy Minds Teen program is designed for young people between the ages of 14 and 18 who suffer from mild to moderate mental health symptoms. (CNW Group / EHN Canada)

As the isolation and anxiety caused by the pandemic affects the mental health of young people, more Canadians between the ages of 14 and 18 are seeking treatment. In response, EHN Canada, the leading network of private mental health and addiction facilities across the country, has developed its new virtual adolescent mental health program – the launch of the Healthy Minds Teen Program. October 4, 2021.

EHN’s Healthy Minds Teen virtual program will provide effective mental health treatment to up to 150 young people per year.

Lanie Schachter-Snipper, National Director of Ambulatory Services at EHN, says that “Historically, EHN has treated adults 18 years of age and older. But there are over 20,000 young people on waiting lists for mental health services, and it’s higher since the onset of COVID-19. This is a dramatic increase in needs and there are simply not enough services to support them. The mental health community – and communities in general – really struggle to meet the needs of our young people. “

The Healthy Minds Teen program is delivered virtually through EHN’s outpatient services and uses evidence-based treatment practices to improve mental health outcomes for adolescents and their caregivers. The program is designed to effectively help people with mild to moderate mental health symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Healthy Minds is expected to provide treatment to up to 150 youth per year.

Dayna browne, a registered social worker and clinical manager for the program, says: “For young people who have been glued to screens for the past two years, it is really difficult for them to return to the interactive classroom, to the real world. They were so socially isolated. [this program] is in a group setting, it’s really designed to connect young people. They will learn from each other. “

The six-month online program includes nine weeks of individual and group therapy (three hours per week) led by a master’s-level clinician specializing in child and youth mental health. To help teens maintain their recovery after the intensive nine weeks, the program also includes a 14-week follow-up program with group sessions every two weeks.

Browne explains, “Tracking is a unique feature of this program. It’s really about equipping young people with the right tools, especially in a constantly changing environment. A key element is: how can we teach young people these practical skills in a lasting and memorable way? ”The Wagon app is included in Aftercare, an interactive virtual tool with adolescent-friendly gamified content to help participants follow through. their recovery and continue to achieve new goals.

EHN Canada understands the need for families to heal together, which is why the EHN Health Minds Teen program also includes treatment for caregivers. While youth receive treatment, their caregivers also receive 12 hours of education and coaching to help them develop the skills to support their teens in their continued recovery. The Caregiver Program is offered in groups to encourage the transfer of skills within families and to foster stronger bonds, ties and cooperative relationships.

Other features that make the Health Minds Teen program unique and effective include evidence-based approaches such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); bi-monthly progress reports; and an exit summary with treatment recommendations.

EHN Outpatient Services’ Healthy Minds Teens program is available to youth ages 14-18. Teens should have access to a laptop or tablet (smartphones are not suitable for these programs), a private space, a high-speed internet connection and a willingness to participate in group sessions. EHN Canada is also proud to partner with the New Start Foundation to provide funding to those who are eligible for financial assistance. To learn more about this new program, visit

EHN Canada is the nation’s largest private network of industry-leading mental health, trauma and addiction treatment facilities, each with a passion for providing quality treatment to Canadians. We are committed to both caring for our patients and supporting their loved ones. With over 100 years of collective experience, our inpatient, outpatient and online programs are offered across the country, providing essential, compassionate care to patients wherever they are.

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