Barelvi Muslims call for ban on PFI and support government action against radical groups | Latest India News


The Barelvi Ulema have called for the banning of the People’s Front of India (PFI) for its alleged terrorism-related activities which have prompted nationwide raids by the NIA, ED and state police at linked premises to its leaders. Maulana Shahabuddin Razvi Barelvi, the chairman of All India Muslim Jamaat, released a recorded statement in which he pointed out that the raids clearly showed that the Islamist fundamentalist organization has been “involved in communal riots in various states across the country.”

“Therefore, I urge all Sunni, Sufi and Barelvis Muslims not to have any relationship with this organization,” he said.

The Barelvi sect in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh has called on the central government to immediately ban such organizations to protect the unity and integrity of the country. Maulana Barelvi also supported the steps taken by the government to tighten the noose around terrorist activities across India.

“It is important to ban such organisations,” he said, adding that the Indian government’s measures had its “full support”.

The statement came after the NIA arrested dozens of PFI leaders following simultaneous raids on the PFI-SDPI network in 15 states. A total of 106 people, including PFI Chairman OMS Salam, were detained in a massive exercise coordinated between the NIA, 86 platoons of paramilitary forces, intelligence agencies and state police.

The raids followed a meeting chaired by Union Home Minister Amit Shah with relevant law enforcement and security officials to review the evidence gathered and consider the future course of action. The government is likely to take a firm decision on the status of the outfit as the clamor for a blanket ban grows.

The PFI may call itself a socio-religious organization, but the broader goal of the Islamist group is no different from the Islamic State: to establish an Islamic caliphate in India. With a cadre of the Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) banned, the PFI has meticulously spread across India from Kerala with funds from West Asian countries where the Muslim Brotherhood is a dominant force. such as Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey.


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