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The young members of the Bendigo Theater Company are expected to gain a lot of stage experience this year after the community organization unveiled two major productions for 2022. BTC plans to join its youth group – Tribe Youth Theater – to perform Charlie and the chocolate factory in Ulumbarra. in July. This will be the first time BTC and Tribe have teamed up for a production. Read more: Elvis Exposure Behind Bendigo Hospitality “The cast of children, families and Oompa Loompas works well for Tribe and gives them that great stage experience while working with some of the older players, ”BTC Chairman Bevan Madden said. “Everyone is a member of BTC, it depends on whether you play BTC or Tribe. Bringing them together is an exciting opportunity.” It all came from the show, we saw that Charlie’s rights were available, so we got them requested and we got them. Once applied, reflection would be a great opportunity. Mr. Madden said Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would be a great family show. “Our last two shows – Wicked and We Will Rock You – both have mature themes and adult actors,” he said. “The last show (BTC) we did with kids was Fiddler on the Roof and before that it was Mary Poppins.” Roald Dahl is known to anyone with families or who were kids. It’s a fantastic story and there are so many exciting things we can do with technology. We’re floating around ideas for bringing the magic to life. ”Read more: Nexus Bendigo Youth Theater to Prepare Big and Shiny Production for 2022 In September, BTC’s Tribe Youth Theater will take the stage for the first time at The Capital when performing the wizard-inspired comedy Puffs. Puffs, which takes place in a certain school of magic in the world of a famous boy wizard, was written in 2017 and was staged in Melbourne in 2018. really excited for Puffs and telling the story of those who were around this wizard boy, ”Mr. Madden said. “For a children’s play, it’s really good training for the intensity of the plays and with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in Melbourne, it connects me really well. “We haven’t performed a play at The Capital in a long time and the allure of a wizarding school story is something everyone loves. “I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in December and watching that gave me a lot of ideas of things we could do. It’s technical magic what they do, but there is stuff. simple that we could learn. ” Read more: How will the Victoria center deal with an increase in hospitalizations linked to COVID? Ahead of the July production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, BTC will stage the previously postponed legal drama Beyond Reasonable Doubt in March and its annual season of one-act Tenx10 plays in April. On January 16, Tribe will star Cats after rescheduling production several times since 2020. BTC Chairman Bevan Madden said the company has avoided unveiling an entire theatrical season due to pandemic uncertainty. coronavirus. “It’s about playing it safe and not having hope after the past two years,” he said. “There is one more play from the 2020 season – the comedy Two and Two Make Sex – that we haven’t edited, which will hopefully be 2023 but there’s no certainty on that yet. “We try to make sure that we don’t bite more than we can chew after the past two years. We want to make sure we have the staff and the resources to present these shows. By joining musicals, we don’t stretch ourselves so thin. “There might be other small projects popping up here or there, but none of them are cemented.” Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:



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