Bleachers stolen from dugouts at Glenpool Park


Bleachers inside the dugouts were ripped out and stolen from a Glenpool park where Glenpool’s youth baseball program trains.

“More of a downside, the kids probably don’t care as much as the parents and us do,” chairman Chris Neal said.

Morris Park in Glenpool is home to Glenpool Youth Baseball. But earlier this week someone stole the bleachers inside two of the field dugouts.

“They were able to unbolt all of this and get out, at least a really big truckload, to say the least, I mean I couldn’t put that in my truck,” Neal said.

Glenpool Youth Baseball president Chris Neal said he first checked with the city to see if they knew anything, but then filed a police report. He said it was almost impressive that someone got away with it.

“Actually, they probably hauled, god, I don’t know, a couple hundred feet of bolted metal bleachers,” he said.

Children must stand or sit on the floor. He said he wasn’t shocked that it happened. Signs in the park were vandalized last year. Because it’s a city park, the gates can’t be locked.

“It’s not really surprising, if you look at any baseball facility in Tulsa or the surrounding area, not only are the main doors locked every day, but the street door would also have been locked at night, which doesn’t happen here,” he said.

He said the park was already in pretty bad shape. They must already play their games at Jenks, but many people at the nonprofit have worked hard to make the program successful.

He said that’s why it’s disheartening to see this happening. “I mean…kids deserve better, he said.

Neal said the city said it would replace the dugout benches, but didn’t give him a timeline.


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