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The church becomes a nativity scene

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Insisting on the word ‘will’, Hillsboro Community Child Care Committee Chairman Tristen Cope said a committee is moving forward with obtaining the Trinity Mennonite Church building in Hillsboro for a daycare.

“We’ve been working on this since January 2019,” Cope said. “We conducted surveys, organized training sessions and acquired community partners. We meet at least once a month. »

With numbers dwindling, the church congregation decided in December to find another use for the building. The congregation agreed to transfer the facility to the child care committee with the stipulation that church members could continue to meet there for as long as they wish.

The committee is made up of five members: Cope, Family and Youth Development Extension Worker; Erin Hein of the Marion County Health Department; Max Heinrichs and Carla Harmon of the Hillsboro School District; and Anthony Roy representing the Hillsboro Community Foundation.

Cope said a Child Care Awareness of Kansas database showed the county was meeting just 31% of its child care needs.

The committee is seeking community support to spread news about the new center and gain more partners. They plan to meet with businesses and others across the county for help.

Cope hopes the process of acquiring the building won’t take long.

“There are a lot of steps to get a license from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment,” Cope said. “There are at least 100 pages of regulations, but it’s all for the health and safety of the children and the community.”


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