Concern For Youth provides an update at a town council meeting


Four of the young people left the mentorship program in October, either due to the departure of their families or for various other reasons.

Williams noted that one of the youngsters who took part in the program was very quiet at first, but has since blossomed and opened up more.

“If you saw where they started at the beginning to where they are now, it’s amazing,” she said of the progress of many young people in the program.

Young people can participate in the mentoring program as well as many other programs offered.

Williams noted that families of young people are always welcome to contact the organization if they need anything. Some families received food boxes distributed by Concern For Youth.

There are currently 10 young people on the waiting list for mentoring.

Williams said it was good to see everything Concern For Youth participants are engaged, whether through the various programs or through individual mentoring.

She said part of the city funding helps support Concern For Youth’s Youth Engagement Coordinator position. The money will also help provide the children with fun programs and outings, such as going to the movies.

Among the programs young people have recently taken part in is one that involves creating a ribbon hoodie. Youth enrolled in the programming also spent time at the NationsWEST Field House to participate in recreational activities.

Williams added that Concern For Youth has also started an LGBTQ2S-Plus drop-in group that meets once a month, as requested by some young people.

Some other programs the youth have participated in over the past month include arts and crafts activities.

“They had to do art decorating, wood burning, and they had a Fear Factor party, addressing your fears and trying different things…” Williams said. “I’m proud of them. They overcame some of their fears.

There was also a session to help children learn to defend themselves.

Coming in December, the Battle River Treaty 6 Health Center will visit Concern For Youth to offer what is called a SafeTALK program for youth to talk about suicide prevention with teens.

Williams said these are some of the various programs Concern For Youth is considering to connect young people, help them access training and advocate for themselves.

Councilors who listened to Williams’ speech were delighted with the many achievements of Concern For Youth to help children in the community.

“Keep up the good work,” the adviser said. said Doug Laing.

Williams also took the opportunity to promote Concern For Youth’s new fundraiser. The organization sells a Do-it-yourself kit to create wooden panels, until November 15. Funds raised will benefit the youth mentorship program. People are encouraged to purchase a sign for their staff party or other events to help support the group.

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