December 1 – The Junior League of Savannah is now accepting applications for Kids Who Care Scholarships, Community Projects and Community Assistance Fund | Non-profit associations


December 1, 2021 – Applications for the Kids Who Care Scholarship, Community Projects and Junior League of Savannah Community Aid Fund are now open.

Scholarship for children who care

Kids Who Care is a program designed to recognize high school seniors who have made a positive difference in the lives of others by volunteering. Scholarships will be awarded to seniors in the Savannah and Lowcountry area in recognition of their exceptional volunteer service within their community. These scholarships are not based on academic or athletic ability. The Junior League of Savannah (JLS) would like you to help us identify Kids Who Care by naming high school students who have been active volunteers. Nominations can be made by anyone: principals, counselors, students, community groups and individuals, as well as self-nomination by the student.

Community project request

JLS is involved in a number of community projects across Savannah and the Lowcountry. JLS is committed to making a difference in our local community by partnering with local agencies that complement its mission and meet the needs of the community by focusing on our area of ​​community interest, youth development. JLS provides volunteers and funding to nonprofit agencies for community programs designed to impact youth development.

Community assistance fund

JLS seeks opportunities to improve our community by providing community assistance funds to local nonprofit organizations or projects to help them expand their reach.


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