Development Director job at North Chicago Community Partners


The Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with North Chicago Community Partners in the search for a Director of Development.

Reporting to the Co-Founder and Executive Director, the Director of Development will strengthen community involvement in North Chicago Community Partners (NCCP) by collaborating with donors, staff, board members and volunteers. The Development Director will oversee all NCCP fundraising efforts and secure the necessary funds to fulfill the NCCP mission, while increasing capacity and sustainability, and acting as a strategic partner within the NCCP team. leadership of the organization. The Director of Development will leverage the potential of the diverse NCCP team to provide equitable educational opportunities and comprehensive support to the children of North Chicago.

North Chicago Community Partners was established in 2008 to help bridge the opportunity gap in North Chicago schools so that all students can access the high quality education they deserve. The NCCP and North Chicago Schools have shown how strong and creative public-private partnerships can help improve public schools and ensure equitable educational opportunities for all children.

The NCCP started out as a bold and inventive idea and has since evolved into a dynamic organization of almost 40 employees. With the help of its strategic partners and thousands of volunteers, the NCCP delivers programs and services to all traditional public schools in North Chicago through its unique
community school model. A community school is a hub that brings together educators, families and local partners to serve and support children, youth, teachers and families. Community schools thrive when high quality programs and education are strategically complemented by programs and services that support the child as a whole and create a positive learning atmosphere. Working with district leaders, the NCCP strategically refined its community school model, customizing it to meet the unique needs of North Chicago. The NCCP fought for access to opportunities and equitable education for every student – regardless of race, gender, language of origin, socio-economic status or postal code.

The success of the NCCP programs and the community school model depends heavily on recruiting, training and deploying a diverse team of staff. The NCCP team members are multi-talented individuals who always encourage students, volunteers and teachers. Working at the NCCP means being flexible and willing to do whatever needs to be done to help the community. From planning and implementing engaging family events, to hosting days of service with partner companies, to building authentic relationships with volunteers and teachers, team members keep smiling. and focus on their personal passion and vision for North Chicago. For many of his staff, this work is personal. 70% of NCCP employees grew up or currently reside in North Chicago, Waukegan or Zion – and all care deeply about reducing inequalities in education and making the conscious decision to be part of the solution.

This position requires at least six years of experience in non-profit fundraising or income generation in the private sector. Experience working with programs that support children, students and families is desirable. All applications must be accompanied by a cover letter and curriculum vitae. Cover letters should meet the mission of North Chicago Community Partners and the responsibilities and qualifications as set out in the prospectus. The salary range for this position is $ 90,000 to $ 110,000 per year.

The NCCP is an equal opportunity employer. It does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, color, disability or intellectual disability, marital status, sexual orientation, national organization, descent, religion or citizenship status or any other basis prohibited by local, state authorities. or federal law.


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