Equality is not enough for women

March 13, 2022 | 06:56 IST

Equality is not enough for women

March 8 has been set as the date to celebrate Women’s Day by the United Nations. Each year, the day was observed on a chosen theme. “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a Covid-19 World” was the theme for 2021. This year the theme is “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Future”.

But if we analyze the reality closely, we find that most women do not even know that a day is celebrated in their name every year. And in societies where conditions have improved, women have suffered, struggled, and borne the double burden of proving themselves equal to men in order to gain equal opportunity and acceptance. They often have to speak louder than men to be heard. A slight mistake on the part of a woman in the professional field becomes widespread, and people begin to comment on her feminine features and general ineffectiveness. The end result is that a woman must prove she is better than the best man at it in order to be accepted in any public space – whether in career, politics or leadership in social and religious organizations. The 21st century has seen a modern take on the enslavement of women in the name of equality that has led her to simply imitate men and surpass the true value of femininity which had far greater potential and deserved more than legality.

It is this slogan of equality that decides how a woman should walk, how much she can eat, what her complexion/height/weight should be, etc. The problem lies in the way “equality” has been interpreted. For most progressive women, “equal” means identical. Thinking/dressing/walking/hairdressing/working/eating…everything should be the same as men

There is a big difference between saying, “I need the same opportunities and recognition as men” and “I want to be like men”. This statement “I want to be like men” raises questions about the very existence of Woman, thus calling into question the Creation of this world, in particular the creation of woman.

It should be noted that all creation is created by the Almighty Creator in pairs, which is essential for the harmonious and efficient functioning of the World. Woman is one of those creations that is absolutely essential to the world with her unique identity, qualities, skills and responsibilities.

Today, this unique identity of women is lost with an added burden of responsibilities upon her amid the slogan ‘EQUALITY’. This slogan did not liberate women from their domestic chores, raising and raising children and caring for the elderly, but added the additional burden of proving that they were equal to men also winning for the family. This is a grave injustice to her.

There are flaws in every human being and women are no different. We must get rid of the stigmatization of identity, popularized by television and the media, which makes a woman believe herself inferior and encourages her to imitate a man. This competition between man and woman must stop. There will be certain areas where women will prove to be better while other areas where men will excel.

Isn’t the responsibility to bring new life to this world much greater than the responsibilities that man bears? Is it possible for a man to perform this task or even share this responsibility with the woman? That is why it is said: “Women are created not to do what men can do, but to do what even men cannot do.” Isn’t humanity more indebted to women than to mothers?

It is sad that feminist organizations have taken the extreme position of denying even natural female roles and valuing them. As a result, governments did not place much emphasis on facilitating these roles. Even now women are not hired if they are pregnant or married to avoid loss of maternity leave etc. If they are hired, they receive no consideration in this regard. Girls suffer greatly in higher education due to the lack of recognition of special female needs in campus facilities.

The real emancipation of the woman would be when she will be granted “MORE THAN EQUAL” by maintaining her identity as a woman with her uniqueness, her potential, her desires, her dress code. For her to succeed in her personal, social and professional life. She does not need to sacrifice her marital age to pursue her career or her dupatta for constructive work or her hijab to attain her education

Accordingly, there should be regulations and arrangements in all spheres of life – schools, colleges, markets, offices, public transport, parliaments, panchayats – where women can find their place comfortably without losing their identity or role. womanhood or overemphasizing her feminine nature and needs. Women deserve more love, care, attention facilities, security for their freedom and empowerment, as well as maintaining their identity. Women and girls should start asking themselves why being feminine deserves ridicule; why get rid of stereotypical feminine traits and why women must be the same as men to be treated fairly?


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