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Barrett Buchanan joined the McCracken County Mustangs football team in his first year, as a placekicker – a high-pressure specialist job on the pitch – and took on the new challenge. He will eventually break an academic record, thanks to a 40-yard field goal against Bowling Green High School last month.

“With the football team I started last year and it really changed my life,” he said. “It helped me with the time – like, I feel like I’m more on time. I feel like I force myself to stand up, have to go to workout, have to do all that. I feel better about my body in general and stuff like that.

The 18-year-old McCracken County High School student, played soccer when he was younger, but didn’t make the team when he got into high school, and he was like, “OK, maybe it’s not for me anymore. However, an opportunity later presented itself when the football team needed a new kicker and he tried it.

“It’s a lot of mental pressure because I feel like I can do whatever they tell me to do, or whatever they need me to do, it just gets nervous sometimes in front of a huge crowd, stuff like that, ”he said. the role of kicker.

“My favorite part… a lot of guys there, I knew them in elementary school and middle school so it felt like I knew them, they were like family to me. So joining this team , I was immediately accepted and all that. All these guys out there – they’re really nice, and right now they’re just like my brothers. “

Until last month’s game, Buchanan had yet to score a field goal. He made an attempt last year and missed it because he was “too nervous” and didn’t lower his head or stare at the ball like he was supposed to. During the summer, that’s something he worked very hard on to try and improve.

Buchanan then scored a 40-yard field goal against Bowling Green on August 27, and the first thing he did was jump up and down. He later learned it was a school record for the longest field goal (the previous school record was 39 yards).

“One of the things I have to do as a kicker is after I kick a basket or PAT is I have to immediately change my mind to ‘Hey, I have to go do the shot sending now, “” he said, marking.

“I tried to cancel it immediately, but I still remember the student section clapping my name and I was so happy, that I actually kicked it a bit too far – like I I had the adrenaline rushing in, and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s really cool.’ “

Buchanan, son of Mary and Brandon Buchanan of Paducah, is the Paducah Bank Teen of the Week.

Each Tuesday, The Sun will publish articles about high school students in the area who were chosen from a pool of nominees for Teen of the Week recognition. Towards the end of the school year, a selection committee will designate one of these students as Teen of the Year, who is awarded a $ 5,000 scholarship. Another student will receive the Inspiration Prize and a $ 1,000 scholarship.

In McCracken County, Buchanan earned a three-year grade point average of 4.27, placing him at the top of his class. He received a composite score of 31 ACT and is an AP Fellow with Honor.

He is involved in several school and community activities, including student government and the Paducah Region Chamber of Commerce Youth LEAD program. He will also join the Board of Former Youth Ambassadors of Paducah Bank this year.

At the moment, Buchanan said he wasn’t sure where he wanted to go in college yet and was still deciding on a future career path. He’s leaning towards medicine right now, maybe radiology. He’s part of the school’s Project Lead the Way biomedical program, and he really enjoyed doing it.

“It’s one of those areas where you can really go and help people,” he said. “… There are many ways to help people – just by delivering something to them, just being there for them, but I feel like (medicine) – it really changes their lives, more globally.” . “

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Follow Kelly Farrell on Twitter, @ KellyAFarrell11


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