Former college, professional players participate in youth basketball camp


JEROME, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – Former college and pro basketball players are giving area kids a chance to work out the fundamentals over the holidays.

The Youth Basketball Camp is in partnership with DNA Basketball LLC, at the Jerome Rec Center. The camp is technically a two-day event that started on Wednesday, but they are accepting walk-in tours on Thursday, December 23 for half the price.

The coaches told KMVT that what today’s young people lack is confidence and the ability to block negative influences from society.

“I think confidence is what I lack in young people and partly because I wouldn’t say social media but looking at the next person and looking at someone else and thinking how good they are is part of it. of that, but the biggest part is challenging yourself, ”explained former CSI basketball player Kevin Galloway, who also played for USC, Kentucky and Texas Southern before embarking on a professional career.

The coaching group’s mission is to empower young people in Magic Valley with the skills and knowledge to advance their careers.

“They understand the game, now it’s about how hard they work,” added Monty Buckley, former Cal basketball player and Milwaukee Bucks coach. “So I think all I see kids doing things at a younger age that haven’t been done before when it comes to play, but I think it’s more about playing now. teach IQ as you go. “

“We want to change the overall culture of basketball here, there are a lot of talents, but they are neglected,” said coach Jamal Thomas. “I never knew Magic Valley until I got here, since I got here I didn’t want to leave.”

Kindergarten to Grade 3 is from 10 am to 11:30 am. For the one-day camp, it’s $ 30.

Students in grades four to six are 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. The cost for Thursday only is $ 37.50.

And then students in grades 7 through 12 go from 2-4. For Thursday only, it’s also $ 37.50.

Checks can be made at the Center de loisirs Jérôme.

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