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FAIRFAX — The Youth Patriots 7/8 captains play an important role in the team’s success, and all five took the time to share their thoughts on the game and the season.

Questions and answers with the captains of the young patriots 7/8

Cody Savage, quarterback

What have your coaches done to help you improve your game this season? My coaches are not just coaches but mentors. They give their time to help our football family every day, and I’m grateful for what they taught me. This year they helped me study the playbook more so I know the games when I’m on the court.

What did you learn that helped you improve on the pitch? I gained better social skills, leadership and personal control.

Hunter Hancy, offensive tackle/defensive end

What is your favorite memory of the season? My favorite memory would be the first time everyone did perfectly timed jumping jacks, which took a week.

What do you like about playing for the Youth Patriots? I love representing the community and the program has helped me improve in all my other sports. It’s very athletic with running and hitting.

Want to thank your coaches? My coaches helped me improve my leadership skills on and off the pitch.

Sam Packard, lineman on both sides of the ball

Do you have a favorite memory from the season? I enjoyed the combine at the start of the year – seeing the whole flag, 5/6 students and my team playing football.

What do you like about playing for the Youth Patriots? I love going to practice and seeing my teammates and coaches, and I love being captain of a great football team.

Connor Day, defensive end, guard and defensive tackle

What do you like about playing for your Patriots coaches? I would like to shout coach Buster (Start); he helped me a lot and encouraged me to be a better athlete by knowing every play, knowing my positions and knowing how to make a proper tackle.

What did you enjoy about playing for the Patriots? I was new to the team this year and loved how they welcomed me into their football family and made me a better athlete. I love how coaches and teammates never put you down; they help you get better.

Garrett Chapin, right side linebacker and left guard

What three things do you love about playing for the Youth Patriots? I like spending time with the team, being on the field and helping my coaches with the team.

Do you have a favorite memory from this season? I love having my coaches there for me no matter what, and having my teammates’ backs on and off the pitch.

How has being captain changed your perspective? I think about what’s best for my teammates and the team even more than before, on and off the pitch.


Cody Savage (34) looks for an open teammate during a Youth Patriots football game.

Q&A with Patriots 7/8 Coach Adam Gray

What did you like about this year’s group of athletes? This team is young, but they keep moving forward and their willingness to learn is impressive. I can’t wait to see this team as they build on this season next year. This team embodies the “Think Like A Champion” mindset: never give in, never give up.

What qualities does this group bring to the field that help them succeed? I think it’s important that you train not talent but potential. This year I had to maintain my expectations of the team but simplify my delivery and adapt to the communication style of my players while keeping their focus on the small details of the game, where you find Success. I am reassured when I see my captains stepping in and helping the team. I am very proud of this team and its captains. The adversity they have experienced together on the pitch will have a positive impact on their character, drive and team chemistry.

Program and Coaching Staff: Noah Brock, who played for BFA-Fairfax, brings fresh eyes, ideas and concepts to the game, and I hope he sticks with coaching. Without hesitation, Alex Jablonski took over as coach midway through the season. He has a son on the team; he likes the game and seeks perfection and detail. Buster Start, our defensive coordinator, keeps things in perspective for me, and I feed off his positivity. Players respect Buster and love playing for him.


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