Governor Pritzker Encourages Increased Funding for Youth Programs in New Budget | Illinois


CHICAGO (WREX) — The recently passed Illinois state budget will include billions of dollars in funding for youth development programs, Gov. Pritzker’s office said.

Over the weekend, the Illinois General Assembly passed the $46.5 billion budget. Governor JB Pritzker joined Democratic leaders in Chicago on Wednesday to promote some of the programs included in the FY23 budget.

Governor Pritzker called the budget a “record investment” in funding education, violence prevention and mental health programs for young people.

“Last week, we passed a budget that will have an extremely positive impact on the well-being of young people in this state,” Governor Pritzker said. “It’s about giving them every opportunity to succeed, investing in their future like never before. Our kids deserve a stronger, healthier Illinois in which to grow, and by continuing to make responsible financial decisions, we’re delivering on that promise.”

According to the governor’s office, the recently passed budget includes $54.4 million for additional early childhood education services, $300 million in grants to child care providers, and $460 million for K-12 schools and programs.

The governor’s office says the FY23 budget also includes:

  • $12 million for regional offices of education to address truancy and chronic absenteeism
  • $7 million to support summer services for youth, including youth employment
  • $16 million for homeless youth services and homelessness prevention
  • $8 million in Illinois redeployment to reduce juvenile incarceration and prevent crime
  • $87 million to improve the DCFS supplier network and $15.5 million to hire 360 ​​additional DCFS employees.
  • $56 million to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to provide and redevelop parks.
  • $150 million to fully implement the Pathways to Success program for children with serious mental illnesses.
  • Extend the earned income credit for working families from 18% of the federal credit to 20%.
  • Providing “Back to School” sales tax relief on clothing and school supplies for one week in August.

The budget also includes a $122 million increase in college scholarships for a total of $600 million. It is also sending $87 million to improve the DCFS provider network and $15.5 million to hire 360 ​​additional DCFS employees.


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