Group of young people, speakers prepare for the crowning of the new Atta Igala


Attah Igala, Dr Michael Ameh Oboni II, “on a hunting expedition”.

By Richard Elesho

Consultations at the spiritual and physical levels are being carried out by relevant stakeholders on the date that Atta Igala returns from his hunting expedition, which he embarked on last year in August. His palace in Idah and the entire community are gradually sporting a new look in anticipation of his return.

Maji Isah cleans the palace lawn

According to Igala tradition, an Atta does not die. He just hunts. So, on Thursday August 27, 2020, when His Royal Majesty, HRM Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni II, the late Atta Igala, died in a hospital in Abuja after an unsuccessful surgery, his subjects declared that he had gone hunting. .

Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello laid the groundwork for his return last week. The government, after a meeting of the Executive Council, EXCO, announced the approval of Prince Mathew Alhaji Opaluwa, as designated Atta Igala. His coronation date, which traditionally marks his return to the headquarters of his hunting predecessors, should be announced shortly after certain rites. The impending return has dominated discussions among its topics lately.

For example, a prominent youth group in the kingdom, Ojuju Agbudufu, has taken steps beyond rhetoric to pave the way for the arrival of Attah and visitors who may wish to welcome him from there. one year shipping. The group has embarked on the clean-up of the old bushy and reptile infested palace in Idah, as a contribution to the installation of the new supreme ruler, who chairs the Traditional Council of Heads of State of Kogi.

Idah, the traditional seat of the Igala people and the ancient palace of Ata Igala in particular, has been plagued with preparatory activities for the installation of the Ata to sit on the ancestral throne.

When reporters visited the palace, Ojuju Agbadufu President in Council Mr. Christopher Ukwenya and Council Clerk Comrade Maji Isah expressed their happiness and satisfaction in their roles.

According to the president, “there is a lot of work to be done here in the palace to make it attractive as we expect people from all over the world to travel to Idah soon to witness the old process of settling down. Agabaidu returning from his hunting expedition.

“Ojuju Agbadufu cleanses the palate as a way to contribute and we are happy to do so. There is much to do and I take this opportunity to call on all of the sons and daughters of Igala, the leading organizations to come forward for the earth by helping to ensure that we repair the palace to be worthy of the return of ‘Agabaidu.

“Small contributions like this from many people and organizations would equate to a huge amount of work being done globally. Let no one do this for us. It is our duty, it is our responsibility to repair our house when we expect visitors and everyone should therefore make their own contribution, however small.

Maji Isah said he was happy to be a part of the cleanup process. “This is an opportunity for life and I don’t take it for granted. Idah is history, Ata Igala Palace is history and so when I walk here I do so with caution as I am walking on a historic site.

“In the last year that the Igala Nation has been in mourning, the palace grasses have grown so fast and so big that it takes Ojuju Agbaldufu more than 25 people to do a manual cleaning while using three machines to work. on other parts. These guys have been working for three days now and they will still be working for two more days given the situation we encountered. The palate is really fertile, which is representative of all the soil in Igala.

The Igalas turn over all the stones in the palace to ensure that the arrival of the new monarch is colorful and memorable.


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