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Washington (AP) – Kamala Harris faces the vice president’s most politically difficult times on Friday as part of her role in leading the Biden administration’s response to the wave of immigrants.

While in El Paso, she visits the customs and border protection processing center, talks and talks with supporters of religious organizations, shelters and legal service providers.

The vice president faced months of criticism from members of both sides for refusing his trip and his muddy explanation of the reasons.

Republicans find Harris and President Joe Biden absent from the border and vulnerable to border security in a bid to reignite powerful political weapons against the Democratic Party in time for the 2022 midterm election. drew like. As former President Donald Trump visited the region less than a week after Harris, Republicans will be following the vice president’s visit closely and looking for prey for further attacks.

Various government officials have visited the border on several occasions, but some Democrats are concerned the absence of Biden and Harris has already caused damage.

“The administration gives the impression that Democrats are weak,” Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar said in an interview with The Associated Press. “Have you ever heard from Democrats and Republicans in my area what is going on in this administration? “

Cuellar District straddles the US-Mexico border from southern San Antonio, and last year he won re-election by the smallest margin in his nearly 20-year career. “I am worried about my colleagues,” he added, saying he was not worried about his fight for re-election.

Quera’s comments reflect broader concerns among some Democrats and immigrant activists that the Biden administration has turned border security debates over to Republicans.

In the first months after Biden’s inauguration, he saw record numbers of migrants attempting to cross the border. US Customs and Border Protection have recorded more than 180,000 encounters at the Mexican border in May since March 2000. These numbers were amplified by a ban on asylum claims linked to the pandemic. Legal impact.

Republicans grabbed those numbers and attacked Biden and Harris for their vulnerability to border security. This is the message of the GOP’s success in the 2020 campaign.

Government officials, including Harris, sought to challenge this perception by repeatedly sending “don’t come” messages to immigrants when Harris recently visited Guatemala.

But the comments inflamed some progressives, especially New York MP Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who called the message a “disappointment.”

It was a case that focused on the politically impossible to win situation Harris found himself in, a hand used by both sides to torment past administrations and promote corners and participation during the campaign season. I took an unbearable problem. If Biden chooses not to run for the second term, Harris will be seen as a prime candidate to replace him, and immigration issues could be a chance for her to show off her accomplishments or her albatrosses.

Indeed, Republicans preemptively beat Harris during his visit to the border, and Trump credited his decision.

Harris’ advisor was careful to point out that her primary focus on immigration is to tackle the root cause of immigration. She sought economic and humanitarian solutions to improve the condition of Latin American residents fleeing to the United States. His assistants organized a trip to the border as part of an effort to better understand how to solve the problem.

“What happens at the border is important and has a direct bearing on what happens in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras,” said Harris spokesperson Symone Sanders. “This is directly related to the task of tackling the root cause of migration. “

Harris was joined by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcus, Democratic Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin and District Representative Veronica Escobar Democrat.

Harris did not intend to visit an immigrant detention center at a military base in Fort Bliss. Thousands of thousands of children housed there have also been criticized by supporters who have alleged dangerous situations and abuse. Quera called his decision to travel to El Paso “politically safe.” Indeed, most border activities take place further south.

Domingo García, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, a Latin American citizenship organization, expressed concern that Harris’ visit was “a day late and less than $ 1”.

“They feel like they are being forced in one way or another by political attacks from the local community and the Republican right,” Garcia said.

But nonetheless, Garcia said she was glad she went, saying her visit contrasted with the Biden administration’s amendment to its immigration policy and the Trump administration’s tough stance on it. border security. Indicated.

“They should own this and need a two-party solution, so they should solve it,” he said.

Harris heads for border after being criticized for being absent – WJET / WFXP / YourErie.com

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