Help provide “new thoughts about the future” to young people


TAMPA, Fla. — A Bay Area teacher helps at-risk young students navigate the path to success.

And his record is admirable to say the least.

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  • This week’s everyday hero is Tavis Myrick
  • Myrick is the founder and executive director of the non-profit organization Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa
  • Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa
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Founder and executive director of nonprofit Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa, Tavis Myrick said the organization was born out of a startling discovery.

“I worked at one of our schools in downtown Hillsborough County and we noticed that there was an overwhelming number of at-risk students, especially minority students, who were suspended or expelled,” Myrick said.

It was in 2014.

In 2018, he moved the program from that school and expanded it to include high school students from across Hillsborough County. And offering many, many programs and mentoring. All at no cost.

“The idea is to create experiences for students that give them new ideas about life in their future, Myrick said.

This year, he asked students to contribute a book of poetry about themselves.

One of the contributors is 16-year-old sophomore Donovan Terry, who read us part of his poem.

“I dream of taking flight, reaching for the stars and becoming one with speed. I try to make my family and my grandmother proud of everything I do. I hope that when our journey will end, we will continue.

And what kind of results has the program had?

“One hundred percent of students in our program graduate from high school. And that’s a big deal for us,” Myrick said. “Not only are they graduating from high school, but one hundred percent of them are transitioning into college, trade school, and the military.”


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