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HYDERABAD: A seven-decade-old dream has finally come true for Hyderabad with a group of four old town youths teaming up with British electric vehicle maker One Moto to create an electric two-wheeler factory on the outskirts of the city . .
To be built at a cost of Rs 250 crore, they not only belied the stereotypes of urban youth, especially of old Hyderabad, but also made the long dream of establishing an automobile factory in the city come true.

Hyderabad had produced the first car prototype developed in India, Pingle, in the early 1950s and exhibited it at the Numaish.
However, he could not go into commercial production. And long before the Maruti car was conceptualized, Mukarram Jah, grandson of Mir Osman Ali Khan, Nizam VII, had proposed a car factory in Hyderabad. Although he said he filled out the paperwork, the car project did not go into mainstream.
And now, 70 years later, Hyderabad is fulfilling its dream of having its own automotive manufacturing unit created by the sons of the ground.
None of the city youth behind project an automotive engineer
What’s interesting is that none of the young people in town behind the EV two-wheeler project are automotive engineers. If one is a dentist, the other is a security expert, the third is a real estate agent, and the fourth is a business development expert. Two of the 3 EV models that will be launched are locally developed.
Dr Syed Faheem, dentist turned entrepreneur, Mohammad Muzammil Riyaz, cybersecurity and risk management expert, Syed Hussain Ali Khan, brand and business development expert, and Aditya Reddy Purumandla, real estate agent, manufacture the car plant in the outskirts of the city a reality. Together with mechanical engineer Moidin Sameer Parthipady and entrepreneurial business development director Shubhankar Chaudhry, entrepreneurs in the city are opening the EV two-wheel factory where two-wheelers and lithium batteries would be manufactured.
Muzammil Riyaz, who runs One-Moto India as a partner and promoter, was previously associated with the Islamic Development Bank and the United Nations for multiple technology projects.
“It’s time for us to give back to the city that has provided us with the world-class education, facilities, freedom, resources and support needed to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility,” said he said, explaining why he chose Hyderabad. “We are grateful to our city and remain Hyderabadi in heart, work and soul,” he added.
Syed Faheem said that growing up in Hyderabad “under an exciting mix of cultures” he always knew there was a plethora of untapped energy and zeal for innovation. “We saw how Hyderabad progressed with many international multinationals choosing our city over others. It reflected the vision people saw in our city,” he added.


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