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Various Indian organizations with Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain traditions announced on October 3 that October has been designated as “Hindu Heritage Month”.

The celebration of Hindu Heritage Month will be a showcase of the diversity so fundamental to Hindu civilization, a press release said, adding that each participating organization will decide how as well as the timing of their events. Celebrations can take many forms: cultural programs, fashion shows, webinars, multi-day conferences, walking marathons and more. Some events can be organized in person but the majority will be virtual, given the Covid-19 situation.

Participation is open to all organizations, companies and individuals who identify with the sanatana (Eternal) values ​​embodied in Hindu Dharma, the statement said, adding that more than 30 organizations have already joined in this celebration of our common heritage.

Mission Bindi and the Hindu Student Council are the first organizations to announce their first Hindu Heritage Month event. They will observe “World Bindi Day” on the first day of Navratri, October 7, 2021.

Dr Jai Bansal, Native American Vice President of the World Hindu Council of America, and one of the event organizers, noted that with the second and third generation now making their mark in their adopted lands, the time has come for the Hindu community to speak out about its rich cultural heritage and its important role in the multitude of contributions to every aspect of the adopted land fabric.

Welcoming the decision of the organizers to hold the month-long event, Hindu Student Council President Arnav Kejriwal said: “HSC is extremely excited about Hindu Heritage Month. The American experience is about sharing and learning about each of our cultures, traditions and stories. We’ll see so many communities graciously tell their unique stories over the course of a month of history and outreach, and I’m thrilled to see the American Hindu community offering our own stories in return. “

Benny Tillman, president of the Vedic Friends Association, also endorsed the Hindu Culture Month celebration, the statement said.

“As one of the only African American leaders to have achieved significant success.”

President of the Hindu University of America, Kalyan Viswanathan, said: “Hindu Heritage Month is a great opportunity for the Hindu community to remember our collective journey so far… In the midst of the celebrations, I hope we can think about what it means to be Hindu in the modern world: whether it is just being of a certain ethnicity or whether we have something to say, something to contribute that can be of value immeasurable for all mankind. “

Any organization wishing to participate in the HHM celebration is requested to register as a partner on the following website:


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