Kenya: Data Protection Commission urges entities to comply with data law


Nairobi – The Office of the Data Protection Commission (ODPC) has urged all data controllers and processors to register their entities, after receiving 1,660 applications since the process began on July 14.

Applications received so far have come from a wide range of entities, including government agencies, non-profit entities, private organizations and religious institutions.

Commenting on the status of registration, Data Commissioner Immaculate Kassez commended data processors and controllers for going to great lengths to meet their registration obligations.

“I urge all data controllers and processors to register in accordance with regulations that aim to protect the rights of individuals and facilitate the realization of a thriving digital economy that relies on data for innovation. and growth,” Kassait said.

All entities processing the personal information of individuals residing in Kenya are required to register as data controllers or processors, updating the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2019.

Registration requirements are subject to an entity’s annual turnover and number of employees with an exemption of certain entities that must register independently of these requirements.

Entities exempted from compulsory registration under the registration regulations are those with an annual turnover of less than 5 million shillings and less than 10 employees.

Under the law, sharing or offering personal information for sale could land those responsible for storing it safely in jail for up to six months or fines of up to 5 million shillings.

As of September 2, the ODPC had issued 332 entities with registration certificates while 805 had yet to complete the registration process by making their payment.

An additional 459 entities are still at the registration stage while applications from 64 other entities are under review.


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