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Promotion 2021 of the Gamma Zeta Boulé Foundation

The Pasadena-based Gamma Zeta Boule Foundation, a local nonprofit organization that mentors African American high school students, sponsors an alumni reunion for students who have completed the Leadership, Achievement, Management and Professionalism Special Mentorship Program. (LAMP) Group, a program that was started in 2004 to help develop the leadership potential among African American high school boys in the Greater San Gabriel Valley.

The event will take place on December 18 at the Pasadena home of Dr Michael and Diane Scott. It will bring together alumni and their mentors, with the current LAMP class of around 35 mentees. It will also feature a Toys for Tots Drive.

“Some of the students who went on and entered college are returning to talk and work with some of the newer students, students who are still in their four years of high school, as well as the Toys for Tots campaign,” Nate said. Reddicks. , mentor of the LAMP program.

Showcasing this year’s LAMP Mentorship Program and the award recipients who will receive a combined $ 83,500 in support of their college or university enrollment.

Reddicks said the boys in the current LAMP class will wear blazers with emblems, thanks to support from JC Penney.

“This will be the first time they will wear them,” he continued.

Since its inception, the LAMP program has been instrumental in preparing African American adolescent males for the professional world of inclusion, while fostering leadership, personal development, community service, political engagement or civic and decision-making expertise.

During the annual LAMP cycle, which begins around August and culminates in May of the following year, mentees meet at least once a month, usually on the third Saturday, in locations ranging from the greater Pasadena area to the Inland Empire to Los Angeles. The usual places are high schools and colleges, museums, sports arenas, theaters and other places suitable for the presentation of LAMP subjects. Participants are introduced to as many institutions as possible, to broaden their knowledge base and open their minds to career opportunities.

Some sessions provide students and their parents with the opportunity to learn more about the college admission process and financial aid, as well as writing, networking, financial literacy, and interview skills.

The program is free for students and parents. At the end of the 10-month program, the Gamma Zeta Boule Foundation hosts a luncheon to honor high school graduates and reward them with a scholarship to the college.

The LAMP program is open to school-aged African American males, grades 9 through 12, who wish to attend and graduate from the college or university of their choice. Applicants should apply and, along with a parent or guardian, attend an orientation session that introduces them to the program. During this session, applicants and their tutors should confirm their commitment to the goals and objectives of the program.

To learn more about LAMP and the program’s application process, visit https://gzbfoundation.org/lamp.

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