Local youth football team say decal company took hundreds and didn’t deliver, and they’re not alone


Non-profit youth football team Unity Select Sports are hoping to raise money to get enough money to replace the decals they never received.

ROUND ROCK, Texas – A Round Rock youth football coach said H-Town Decals took their money and didn’t deliver the product, and he’s not alone.

In football, lessons come in many ways.

“Linebackers, read and react, read and react,” Unity Select Sport President Dee Bradfield said.

Coach Bradfield’s final lesson to his team, Unity Select Sportsit’s don’t let anyone take what’s yours.

Bradfield paid $700 for 200 helmet decals, which he said sounded like a lot.

“I thought we had a really good connection,” Bradfield said.

Bradfield said he had been ordering helmet decals from H-Town Decals for five years, but this time he was “ghosting.”

“I liked the mockup, I sent the money and it ghosted,” Bradfield said. “I called, emailed, texted, Facebook messaged and nothing – just disappeared.”

He said Jonathan Castilloowner of H-Town Stickers in Houston, promised to have them delivered within two weeks. It was in June.

“I contacted him on August 15 and said, ‘Hey Jonathan, we have a week for my first game,'” Bradfield said.

In the text messages, you can see that Castillo was responding at one point, but he gave an apology. When Bradfield asked for his $700 refund, he said Castillo gave more excuses.

“‘I can’t pay you back because I don’t have any money.’ But you had the money when I sent it to you,” Bradfield said.

After researching and talking to other coaches, Bradfield found he wasn’t alone.

“They’re like, ‘Oh, he got me for $400,'” Bradfield said. “‘Oh, he got me for $4,000’ or ‘He got me for $600.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, so he’s a career crook.’ He’s been doing this for a minute.”

The owner of Waco Tornado Arena Football TeamEddie Daniels, was another victim contacted by Bradfield.

“I’ve never seen anyone proud to admit they got their money’s worth and there was nothing they could do about it,” Bradfield said.

Daniels’ situation is very similar. He worked with H-Town Stickers before and paid $162. But before H-Town Decals blocked him, he gave her a piece of his mind.

“It was like he was playing with me the whole time texting,” Daniels said.

In the messages, Castillo tells Daniels to place his small order, he can’t be touched and to screenshot and post the message.

“I was floored,” Daniels said. “I was shocked.”

KVUE called, texted and emailed the Castillo several times. He did not answer.

On GoogleH-town Decals had a 2.6-star rating Wednesday night, with all reviewers for the past two years rating the company at one and calling it a rip-off.

The company’s latest social media post October 10 said the company only had a one-week turnaround time and was accepting orders. This and similar messages have been published regularly over the past few months.

“I can’t comment because he blocked me,” Bradfield said. “It hurts every time I see his message.”

The two men said that in previous years they had paid through PayPal, but this last time they used Cash App or Venmo.

“When it comes to Cash App, the only problem is that when you send that money, you can’t get it back because it’s not insured or protected,” Daniels said.

“We’re a nonprofit, so we don’t make money,” Bradfield said. “We have to make money from concessions.”

So for now some kids will have decals while some won’t.

“I really want to raise awareness of this so it doesn’t happen to other youth organizations because it shouldn’t happen to kids,” Bradfield said.

KVUE contacted at least five other coaches who said they were duped as well. The group feels there is more to their situation.

Experts have said that using apps like Venmo and Cash App when purchasing items is a bad idea. You don’t get your money back unless the person agrees to pay you back.

Experts said finance your purchase with a credit card because you have a better chance of getting the payment reversed.

They also suggest using PayPal as it provides consumer protection.

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