M3M Foundation focuses on improving workers



Dr Payal Kanodia is a director of M3M Foundation, a philanthropic arm of M3M India, one of the leading real estate companies in India.

The M3M Foundation mainly focuses on health, education, disaster management and socio-economic development to transform a rural way of life. As one of the promoters of M3M India, Payal also supports businesses.

Doctor by qualification, Payal received the Grand Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations and Diplomacy from the International University of Fundamental Studies, St. Petersburg Russia, and is a diplomatic member of CDI. She pursued her entrepreneurship from HBS, Boston.

Speaking to IANS, Payal said: “At the M3M Foundation, we believe in lasting change and empowering beneficiaries. There is so much to do in India and I think that while we remain focused on what we would like to highlight through our Foundation, we should also support the state and central government in their mission to make India a better place. “

Payal has been a keen observer throughout. While visiting the M3M India construction sites, she observed that many laborers and laborers left their young children at home – most of them unattended, and these children were certainly in need of attention and care. appropriate.

Payal says, “I observed that the children of laborers and laborers were usually left at home and when I interacted with our workforce, I realized that they were very concerned for the good- be their children, their education and their future. As a business leader, we had to do something for their children. And with this idea, the M3M Foundation launched the project – iMpower, an initiative to maximize the potential of the workforce by securing the resources. Thanks to our collaboration with national and international organizations and foundations, we are now able to provide education and good health to these children, and also to ensure the upgrading of the skills of the female workforce. Very soon, we will be setting up skills development centers for these women. All the effort is to build them a dignified life. “

Recently, the M3M Foundation’s “iMpower” project was recognized as the “Most Innovative Community Engagement Project 2021” at the India CSR Leadership Awards held in Bengaluru.

Payal also passionately described the contribution of the M3M Foundation during the pandemic period. “I still think most companies are very philanthropy-oriented and run programs through their foundations. I also understand that since we are all working for the betterment of society and the nation, these foundations should also be seen as an extension of the philanthropic arm of government. We are also partners in prosperity. With this in mind, during the containment of the Covid pandemic, we have aligned ourselves with the government of Haryana and have brought together legal entities, real estate groups, commercial entities, NGOs, religious organizations, and individuals, and were able to support over 2 lakhs of people in need for food, health and hygiene. called this initiative “Kartavaya”, and it was indeed a huge responsibility shared by all of us, “she said.

In order to promote employability-based training and tackle unemployment, the M3M Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Haryana to assist around 50,000 deserving students and align them with online preparation for government jobs. The Foundation named this initiative “SAKSHAM UDAAN”.

Payal devotes most of his time to the activities of the Foundation. His passion and involvement have certainly strengthened the vision of the M3M Foundation.


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