Meadow Lake Youth Soccer Emphasizes Coach Development


Meadow Lake and District Youth Soccer President Raelynn Gilroyed said with a number of youth coaches as young as 16 coming to attend training and step into leadership coaching roles, it’s something extremely valuable to the program that will also benefit those involved for years to come.

“For our 16-year-olds, we have two more years for them to coach and then hopefully they will take it with them wherever they decide to go in life,” she said. . “If they decide to go to university in Saskatoon, they can sign up to help coaches in Saskatoon. It’s a very good program that will follow them into adulthood and when they have their own children, they can train to help their children’s teams.

A focus on strong coaching development is something Meadow Lake Youth Soccer has taken seriously in recent years as the program seeks to continue to grow and develop in new ways. SSA training is required to participate in more remote and sanctioned tournaments.

“When I took over as president, we really looked at reorganizing things and how we could bring a better program to Meadow Lake Soccer that allows coaches to feel confident to deliver a football program in their Monday practices. and Wednesday,” Gilroyed said.

“Implementing this coaching education ensures our children get the level of football they deserve and need to play safely, compete in tournaments and move around.”

Three participants in this weekend’s coach education sessions are also part of Meadow Lake Soccer’s new coach mentorship program.

The program gives high school students interested in becoming certified coaches tuition credit to coach a U5 and U9 team, hosting practices twice a week, with Gilroyed as a mentor to provide guidance and support as needed.

This weekend’s hands-on in-person coaching education goes hand-in-hand with an online portion of the program being rolled out by the Sask Soccer Association described here.

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