Meera Komarraju: School of Education reconnects with southern Illinois region | Education


Building on its origin as a Teacher’s College, the revamped Southern Illinois University Carbondale School of Education is rekindling ties with area schools and educators in southern Illinois. The School is focused on solving teacher shortages and improving student learning outcomes.

To address a statewide shortage of special education teachers, the School of Education is working with Grow Your Own (GYO) Illinois to recruit and prepare new educators. The GYO program provides tuition and other financial aids, flexible class schedules, mentorship and academic support, collaboration with area schools, and professional development for new teachers upon graduation. diploma. GYO participants working in area schools can use their existing districts, schools and classrooms as sites for their internship experiences, including teaching students. The SIUC / GYO partnership is also recruiting early childhood educators to address the critical shortage of teachers for young children which is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years.

This summer, the school’s special education program offered an accelerated three-course sequence to teachers in the Mount Vernon area to gain approval from Learning Behavior Specialist 1 (LBS1). Teachers enrolled in this course sequence can also participate in a fall workshop to prepare for the LBS1 test.


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