Michelle Lopez: defensive specialist GCHS VB


Michelle Lopez: defensive specialist GCHS VB

October 31, 2022 by Megan Russell, Gilbert Christian High School

Michelle Lopez (10) prepares to serve the ball. Photo credit: Natalie Rockwell.

Megan Russell attends Gilbert Christian High School and is a member of the AIA’s SID student program.

Michelle Lopez is a sophomore on the Gilbert Christian High School volleyball team. This is his second year playing in college for the Knights as one of the team’s two defensive specialists. She is particularly adept at returning deadly serves from her opponents. Michelle has played a total of nine seasons of competitive volleyball between school and club teams. She is a great addition to the Knights team!

While Michelle excels on the pitch, her character shines even more off the pitch. When asked how she manages her sporting responsibilities with school and family life, she says, “I don’t really have any other activities other than the youth group. God always comes first for me, so I ask the coaches if I can leave early on Wednesday to go to the youth group. Keeping her priorities straight and using an athletic routine to keep up with work is how Michelle thrives during busy seasons.

          Michelle Lopez (5) preparing to receive the serve. Photo Credit: Natalie Rockwell.

Michelle’s character comes through in the way she interacts with her team. When asked how she likes to keep things positive on the pitch, she replied, “I try to put my emotions aside for the benefit of the team. I encourage them to keep trying and try to make them laugh to forget the negativity. She also expressed a teachable heart when discussing how she learns from her coaches. Her interactions with her teammates and coaches show great leadership.

          Michelle Lopez (5) hitting the ball to the other side.Photo Credit: Natalie Rockwell

Michelle Lopez’s character was summed up in her response to what she learned as an athlete: “An important lesson I learned from my time as an athlete is patience with myself, my team and my coaches. I learned, and am still learning, to trust my coaches and listen to them with an open mind and heart.

Michelle will wrap up this year’s fall season in the playoffs which begin Nov. 5. She plans to play on the school team’s sand court next spring. We expect to see great things from Michelle Lopez on both courts over the next two years.

Go knights!


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