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SMSG vision

The Saint-Michel et Saint-Georges church transforms lives through Christ.

CSMSG mission

Live the life of Christ in the world through the Anglican traditions of worshiping God with reverence, joy and awe; to serve and care for our community; and lead spiritual training for all ages

Summary of position

The Church of St. Michael and St. George (CSMSG) is an Episcopal congregation located in Clayton, Missouri. It is the largest Episcopal congregation in St. Louis and the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri. The church has approximately 1,200 members with an average Sunday attendance of 400, made up of people of a wide range of ages and life experiences.

CSMSG Youth Ministry provides opportunities for students in Grades 6 to 12 to develop transformative relationships with God and with one another through family-based youth ministry. Youth ministry provides a solid foundation for Christian maturity for adolescents, adolescents, their families and friends. The Youth Minister instills lifelong habits of worship and service to others and nourishes our young parishioners as they grow as joyful disciples of Jesus Christ. This role works with the clergy, the parish school and Parent Link. The Minister of Youth holds a full-time position, reports to the Director of Operations / Affairs and works for the Rector. The Director of Operations / Business conducts an annual review for this position.

Essential functions

  • Build relationships with CSMSG youth and their parents
  • Nourish young people in spiritual formation and Christian faith
  • Develop strategy and activities with youth ministry staff and management team
  • Delegate program administration to Ministry of Youth staff

Roles and responsibilities

Build relationships with CSMSG youth and their parents

  • Learn the names of all the young people in the programs
  • Ensure prompt follow-up of all new arrivals to events
  • Engage young people in conversations and listen thoughtfully
  • Be present and consistent in actions with young people
  • Set an example of faithfulness in deeds and words
  • Sharing the love of God

Develop strategy and activities

  • Develop and implement age-appropriate spiritual formation courses with the youth ministry team
  • Create ways to help young people develop their religious vocabulary
  • Guide new programs and activities
  • Establish ministry goals

Supervise the youth ministry leadership team

  • Ensure the development of the calendar of events and programs
  • Oversee the promotion and publicity of the youth ministry
  • Delegate responsibility for event and program logistics
  • Oversee feedback from events and review of goals
  • Engage in the recruitment of volunteers
  • Manage the responsibilities and results of the youth ministry team
  • Oversee all accounting needs of the Ministry of Youth
  • Oversee the website and social media to promote Youth Ministry

Supports CSMSG:

  • Maintains the confidentiality of all CSMSG proprietary information
  • Adheres to the vision and mission of CSMSG

Success factors

  • Thrives in building relationships
  • Understands himself as a child of God and a disciple of Christ and is able to share his enthusiasm with other people
  • Compassionate Problem Solver
  • Intuitive and rewarding
  • Listening with thought
  • Other centered
  • Playful and authentic
  • Inspire people around the mission
  • Energetic leader with a sense of humor
  • Respectful of diverse views and opinions
  • Communicator articulated in speech and writing

Experience and education

  • Three years of leadership experience in a full-time ministry
  • Experience in building and leading teams of volunteers
  • Understands child / adolescent development and family dynamics
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel
  • A diploma obtained from an accredited institution

Working environment

  • 4 weekdays, Sundays and an occasional Saturday
  • Ability to walk short distances, climb multiple flights of stairs and lift 40 pounds safely

Salary and benefits

  • This is a full-time salaried position with a salary corresponding to the qualifications
  • Benefits include health insurance, 403b pension plan, paid time off, sick days and vacation

COVID-19 Considerations: All employees are required to wear a mask per St. Louis County recommendations and vaccinations are required for this position.

The Saint-Michel et Saint-Georges church is an employer guaranteeing equal opportunities.



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