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People of all ages are faced with a huge question: “Who are you?” When you are six years old, you can answer this question without any hesitation. But as you get older, in high school and beyond, the answer to “who are you” becomes more important.

This is the philosophy behind Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corporation (NDC) and the goal of spikeview to help young job seekers prepare for a job after high school or prepare for college. Prospective employers and college admissions staff want to know who you are in real life.

Higher Ground (HG) is a multi-service, non-profit organization designed to provide elementary education and support schools, districts and county offices of education in the East Bay. HG acts as an information bank on the coordination of school / community services for young people and the organizations that serve them.

HG’s mission is to provide services that address the intellectual development of young people by offering comprehensive after-school programs; college workforce career and professional development programs, among other services.

The spikeview platform was created for young people to take ownership of their own narrative and maximize their potential. The centerpiece of spikeview is a portfolio that helps teens organize their interests and accomplishments. Employers and colleges use spikeview to assess teens, rather than resumes and essays, because spikeview demonstrates soft skills that are impossible to present in older formats.

“While most applications always ask for a CV, over 90% of employers say they don’t care what a CV is about,” said Khariyyah Shabazz, director of workforce development at HG. “What employers really care about are the answers to: what inspires you; how do you interact with a team; how do you treat the people around you and what kinds of things do you learn.

“Our mission is important in the development of youth. Children learn skills and become better members of their community. And our partnership with spikeview helps document their learning journey and organize their interests, skills and experiences.

“Youth unemployment doubled in 2020,” Shabazz added. “A surprising number of high school students are looking for vocational training, internships and advice on entering university. School is drawing to a close and time is running out for the teenagers. Partnering with spikeview will help young people hear “Yes! »Colleges and employers. It’s an online platform that shows everyone behind an app.

“Teens need to take the plunge,” said Ekta Sahasi, founder and CEO of spikeview. “They need a way to catalog their interests and experience so that they can create stories focused on themselves.”

Sahasi is a mother of teenagers and wanted to make sure they had a secure way to organize their data without sacrificing privacy. She added, “Our users are in control of their data and we will never sell personal information to third parties.

“At Spikeview, we say ‘own your story’,” Sahasi continued. “It means taking control of the type of questions related to ‘who are you’. Don’t let your personal story be defined by random social media posts or a boring resume. We want to help young people organize their thoughts so that they are able to present themselves professionally when pursuing educational opportunity work.

The spikeview platform is free. It is available in the Apple Store, the Google Play Store, and was a web application.

For more information on Higher Ground, visit their website at or call 510.415.9271. For more information on Spikeview, visit


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