Modi is determined to impose Hindutva ideology in IIOJK: APHC


SRINAGAR: The All Parties Hurriyat Conference has lamented that the fascist Indian government led by Narendra Modi wants to impose Hindutva ideology in illegally Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and turn the Muslim-majority territory into a Hindu-majority region .

According to Kashmir Media Service, the APHC spokesperson, in a statement released in Srinagar, said allowing Indian citizens temporarily residing in IIOJK to vote is part of a deep-rooted plot to implement the agenda. of Hindutva in Kashmir and to enslave Kashmiris forever. He said the Modi regime’s latest move to strip Kashmiris of their voting rights is yet another attempt to make Kashmiris foreigners in their own homeland. He said it was the worst attack on the identity of Kashmiris and a pure violation of international law and UN resolutions on Kashmir, which is an internationally accepted disputed territory.

The spokesperson said that the main objective of this decision is to install a Hindu chief minister in the IIOJK who will implement the Hindutva ideology in the territory. “It is also part of a sinister plot to alter the demographics of the disputed area. He warned that if Kashmiris around the world did not protest the colonization of Kashmir by Hindutva elements at this crucial juncture, it would prove disastrous for them and their future generations would face the wrath of the terrorism of the Hindutva. He said this is a critical step and a life or death situation for the Kashmiri people because the Hindutva forces are determined to eliminate them and settle the issue forever.

The spokesperson called on all Kashmiris irrespective of caste, creed, color and religion to forge unity among their ranks to foil the nefarious designs of the RSS-backed Modi government and get rid of the Indian slavery. He said that all political, social and religious organizations must unite and start an agitation to regain their rights wrested in the past three years by the Modi regime. He also urged regional political parties to forget all differences and join pro-freedom parties in their struggle.

The APHC spokesperson pointed out that since August 5, the Modi regime has taken various steps to merge Jammu and Kashmir with India. “The abrogation of special status, the granting of domicile to millions of Hindu fanatics and the granting of land in Kashmir to non-locals are some examples of the Hindutva mindset. These measures will prove catastrophic for Kashmiris, he said.


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