More Kashmiri Pandits Killed After Repeal of Section 370


In a video interview with the National Herald, a furious Bhan says that if the government cannot ensure the safety of Pandits and Sikhs in the valley, who returned when employment was provided under the package deal of the Prime Minister at the time, Dr Manmohan Singh, the package should be withdrawn. or Displaced Pandits.

While a large number of Kashmiri Muslims have also been killed in the valley by militants, he hopes Kashmir will set an example for the rest of the country. It is up to the majority community to come out and reassure the minorities of their safety and protection, he said and hoped that unlike the rest of the country, in Kashmir the majority community would stand with the minorities.

Bhan, who left Kashmir when he was just 9 years old, said no solution to the Kashmiri Pandit issue will be fruitful until all parties involved discard their political baggage. “Any organization that wants to bring justice to the minority community, in addition to other communities, should have no political affiliation. Until politics is involved, no dynamics of the Kashmir issue will be resolved, Bhan said.

Bhan left Kashmir in 1990 when he was just nine years old, eventually returning in July 2019 to his home in the Barbarshah area of ​​Srinagar district. “In 2001, after attending a wedding ceremony at my uncle’s house, I started thinking that I should go home,” he says.

Mohit Bhan said his cousin brothers were killed by militants in the early 1990s. “My grandmother died of shock from these killings,” he said. He left a lucrative job in a company in the capital, New Delhi, to reunite with his family and neighbors. “I had all the luxury in Delhi, but all luxury was futile without your own home,” he said.


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