New COVID cases and hospitalizations fall in Nevada



Health officials say the number of new COVID-19 cases and the number of hospitalizations are declining in Nevada.
But Dr Ellie Graeden of Talus Analytics said case rates are on the rise in 11 rural counties and rural hospitalizations have increased by 15%. Deaths, they said, are down 5% since mid-September.
When asked if that meant Nevada had “passed the last wave”, she replied, “we certainly hope so.”
Graeden said the average number of new daily cases has now fallen to 692, well below the more than 1,000 the state recorded a few weeks ago.
But she warned that there will be a slight increase as the weather cools and more people will turn to indoor activities where they are closer to each other.
Deputy health and social services director Candice McDaniel said Washoe County and Carson City now have 70% of those eligible with at least one bullet in their arm. Clark County is just behind at 66 percent.
She said 64% of state officials are now fully vaccinated.
DuAne Young of the governor’s office said the state expects advice from the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration on President Biden’s order that all private employers with 100 employees or most require vaccinations or weekly tests for these workers in early October.
Asked about the more than 5,000 people who have downloaded forms asking for religious exemptions to get vaccinated, Young said he expects that number to decline. He said major religious organizations, including Catholic and Mormon churches, have told their members that it is “a religious duty to get vaccinated.” He said he expects more churches to follow suit.



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