New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis announces vision for Devoted Dreamers Academy


“It’s really two worlds coming together,” Davis said. “There’s the Devoted Dreamers Foundation, and we’ve traditionally served young people holistically — spiritually, mentally, physically — after school, a summer school-type education while allowing them to play sports. A bit like an AAU team, with the 7-on-7 (soccer).

“We had a ton of success on the athletic side with the mentors – 48 kids completed our program, all 48 went to college, 40 of them got scholarships, 21 went to Division I (schools) And now we have the educational component to come.

“We were coming to Giving Hope Dream Center to do our same model as a foundation when we were introduced to the educational component, so we’re really excited. elite around, but also engage in an individualistic learning style that will be cultivated around their learning style, strengths, attributes create solutions and also have an entrepreneurial mindset.

“But then we will also introduce them to career paths that exist outside of the game but in the service of the game, such as sports medicine – there are 100 jobs that exist in this space in sports medicine. Sports science – there There are hundreds of jobs that exist in this space. Sports media – there are hundreds of jobs that exist in this space. So that’s kind of what school would be like.

Having Drew Brees, his teammate from 2018 to 2020, on board is significant.

“It means a lot, because at the end of the day what I feel like our responsibility as leaders is to do is lead by example,” Davis said. “And what we’re trying to provide is not just showing and emphasizing the importance of working with young people and programs around young people, but it’s the importance of collaboration and working together.

“I was so proud that Drew was setting up his foundation, because… when you bring powerful groups together, one plus one equals three. And that’s what we want to demonstrate to the community. It’s important for athletes to lead because we know how to work as a team, and the most important thing we can do is show the other groups how to work as a team, because that’s what it will eventually take.”

Brees said it was natural to support his teammate.


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