NHLPA Goals & Dreams Fund donates to youth programs in Switzerland, Germany, Czechia and Ukraine


TORONTO (Oct 5, 2022) As NHL players play games this week in Bern, Switzerland, Berlin, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic, the National Hockey Players Association is pleased to announce a series of donations of hockey equipment from NHLPA Goals & Dreams to local youth hockey programs in four countries. . A total of 100 complete sets of new hockey equipment, valued at approximately $65,000, will be donated between four programs: HC Bern, Hockey is Diversity eV, Hokejova Akademie Tomase Hertla and Ukrainian Hockey Dream.

On Monday, the Nashville Predators defenseman Romain Josi and NHLPA Goals & Dreams announced a donation of 25 sets of gear to SC Bern Future, in support of local girls’ programs in Josi’s hometown of Bern. The girls in attendance were greeted on the ice before the game, participated in a scrimmage during the first intermission and enjoyed tickets to the exhibition game.

“That experience of playing with my NHL teammates in my hometown, surrounded by my family, friends and neighbors, is an experience I will never forget,” said NHLPA member Roman Josi and Predators defenseman. “Leaving a lasting impression on women’s hockey in Bern through NHLPA Goals & Dreams has capped off a very special journey.”

Yesterday in Berlin, NHLPA Goals & Dreams recognized a new donation of 25 sets of equipment for Hockey is diversity eV., an international non-profit network of ice hockey players in Berlin, which is committed to diversity as the basis for treating each other with respect. A group of children from the program were introduced to the game by U9 Eisbaren HC players during the Global Fan Tour in the morning, while the U9 Eisbaren team represented both organizations at pre-game ceremonies, as well as scrum on the ice during the first intermission.

“We are so grateful to the NHLPA Goals & Dreams fund and the NHL players for this incredible support. Thanks to this donation, young people who otherwise would never have had access to the game benefit from it. Creating an inclusive and welcoming hockey culture and changing the face of hockey requires a collective effort. We are proud to have strong allies by our side with NHLPA members,” said Dr. Martin HyunHockey is CEO of Diversity.

On Friday and Saturday in Prague, NHLPA Goals & Dreams will reward two donations of 25 sets of gear. The first donation is for Ukrainian hockey dreama foundation created by the Ukrainian Ice Hockey Federation, which supports Ukrainian youth affected by war by providing safe accommodation, hockey equipment and financial assistance to families.

“Hockey in Ukraine is a favorite sport and the way of life of more than 4,000 children, who dream of saving their 2022/2023 training season. Thanks to the work of the Ukrainian Ice Hockey Federation, the rinks in central and western Ukraine have restarted their work. The children return to the ice. Many displaced children from eastern Ukraine are looking for opportunities to stay in hockey and others want to start playing. However, current opportunities are limited due to the war. The donation of hockey equipment to the Ukrainian Dream Foundation will help children who remained in Ukraine to continue playing hockey or to start playing it. It’s a huge contribution to saving their dreams and helping others find them,” said Alexander Slatvytskaexecutive director of the Ukrainian Ice Hockey Federation.

The second NHLPA Goals & Dreams donation recognized in Prague is Hokejova Akademie Tomase Hertla, a youth hockey camp hosted by San Jose Sharks forward and Prague native Tomas Hertl. Each group will be welcomed on the ice during the pre-game ceremonies, while they will also have the opportunity to participate in a scrum during the first intermission and watch the game.

“It’s been an exciting week back home to play in front of family, friends and big Czech hockey fans,” said Tomas Hertl, member of the AJLNH and forward of the Sharks. “As part of the events, we are proud to provide new hockey equipment through NHLPA Goals & Dreams to help more young people play hockey.”


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