Nonprofit awarded $ 40,000 for Arizona Bowl amid “ethical concerns” with Barstool Sports


TUCSON (KVOA) – After withdrawing nearly $ 40,000 in funding from the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl, Pima County will now reallocate funding to Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC), a non-profit organization.

At its Tuesday meeting, the Pima County Supervisory Board voted 4 to 1 to reallocate those funds.

Last month, the county withdrew funding from the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl citing “ethical concerns.”

On July 27, the Arizona Bowl announced that it had finalized a multi-year title sponsorship deal with the digital media company specializing in sports content and pop culture. This agreement included exclusive broadcast distribution rights for the annual bowl game held at Arizona Stadium.

However, after hearing the news of Arizona Stadium’s new partnership with Barstool Sports, the Pima County Board of Directors voted 4-1 on Tuesday to no longer award $ 38,155.56 to the annual football game, citing that “the founder of the company, Dave Portnoy, and other staff members have been accused of racism and sexism in the past.”

“This game should celebrate and showcase our community, but I think many members of our community will not feel a part of the event because of the actions and words of Barstool employees,” said the supervisor of the District 1, Rex Scott. “The Arizona Bowl can make its own decisions about its title sponsor, but the county government must take other factors into account when deciding whether to join in this decision.”

Since 2010, Portnoy and his digital media company have been at the center of controversy after being repeatedly accused of posting sexist and racist speech on their blog and social media platforms over the years. These charges include racist insults used in videos published in 2016, derogatory comments to ESPN host Sam Ponder in 2017 that resulted in the cancellation of a partnership with ESPN and content that critics said normalized rape culture in 2010.

In a press release shared on Tuesday, Pima County said funding will now go to Chicanos Por La Causa’s Nahui Ollin wellness program. The Nahui Ollin wellness program serves more than 600 high school students each year.

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