Now Religious Right Claims COVID Vaccine Will Bring Planes Out Of The Skies / LGBTQ Nation


Mat Staver, head of Liberty Counsel, makes yet another Nazi analogy. Photo: YouTube

Mat Staver, the founder of the fiercely anti-LGBTQ legal advocacy group The Liberty Counsel, wants everyone to know that while airlines require all their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, it will cause plane crashes.

According to Staver’s recent press release, many pilots and flight attendants told him that “an increased number of safety incidents” are occurring on flights due to the “extreme stress” created by the vaccination warrants of the flight attendants. Airlines companies. The incidents are so extreme, says Staver, that a pilot has told him that he no longer feels safe in flight if he is not in the captain’s seat.

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Staver didn’t actually mention what these incidents are, but he did share some frightening and unsubstantiated anecdotes to illustrate his point.

“The flight attendants arrive in the cockpit in tears from the stress,” he wrote. “Yet another said that due to the distractions there were also more security incidents on the ground. Another said a colleague, fearing he would be fired, succumbed to the pressure and took the COVID injections, suffered anaphylactic shock and died. “

Staver’s story of anaphylactic shock is purely alarmist. Of 1,893,360 Americans who received their first doses of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, only 21 experienced anaphylactic shock and none of them died. according to the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Nonetheless, Staver wrote: “Airlines are endangering the health and safety of their employees and passengers by pressuring them to receive COVID vaccines or to be made redundant. It is a national emergency that puts the crew and passengers at risk.

At the end of his press release, Staver revealed his true intention by proclaiming, “No one should be forced to inject this or any substance into their body against their will. It is wrong to violate the fundamental right to free and informed consent and to intimidate people into complying. “

So Staver is simply opposing the vaccination warrants. He doesn’t care about aviation safety. If he did, he would know that United and Delta Airlines are the only major U.S. airlines to have said they would need vaccines for their U.S. employees. Two others, Southwestern and American, said they won’t need it. He would also know that most air transport workers’ unions support these mandates.

Staver hammered out his deranged opposition to vaccine mandates using baseless claims that vaccines have caused “tens of thousands of deaths” as well as brain damage, miscarriages and infertility. All these claims have been demystified.

Nevertheless, his group recently filed a complaint against the Governor of Maine and the state’s largest healthcare organizations to demand that medical workers get vaccinated.

But such behavior characterizes both Staver and Liberty Counsel. Claiming to be concerned about airline safety while simply opposing vaccination warrants is a bit like claiming to be concerned about “defending religious freedoms” while simply opposing LGBTQ civil rights.

It is no wonder that the Sothern Poverty Law Center has classified the organization as a hate group.


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