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After some delays, the Romulus Community Schools School Board agreed to set up a nationally recognized youth mentorship program for students in the district.

The board voted 4-1 Monday night to partner with Detroit’s Downtown Boxing Gym, a free after-hours academic and athletic program.

It was started in 2007 by Khali Sweeney, an internationally renowned youth and young adult coach and mentor.

He has collaborated with Romulus leaders to bring a new space for DBG youth development to the school.

Now that the board has signed on to the program, DBG is expected to launch programming in Romulus as early as this fall.

DBG’s partnership with Romulus is the first of its kind for the gym.

It is an expansion of its flagship operation in Detroit.

“We have looked closely at the needs of our students and families, and are working to provide support and alternative learning models as well as after-school and athletic programs that help our children learn and grow,” Supt. . said Donald Weatherspoon. “I am very happy that Romulus was able to attract and secure this partnership with DBG. It will be an asset for our community and a major benefit for our children.

The gymnasium works with more than 200 Detroit-area students, ages 8 to 25, each year, and has an alumni network that now stretches across the United States.

It specifically focuses on academics, athletics, mentoring, developing social-emotional skills, college and career readiness, and more.

According to Sweeney, the goal has always been to expand its reach and serve as many students in the area as possible.

“Independent research shows that DBG’s unique mentoring style helps students gain self-control, confidence and a sense of who they really are,” Sweeney said. “We are constantly seeing students’ grades improve and they are more likely to see themselves as leaders, which our communities desperately need. We look forward to a successful partnership and the launch of DBG: Romulus this fall.

School Board President Judy Kennard shared her excitement to welcome such a valued program to the district.

“We are thrilled to welcome DBG to Community Schools in Romulus,” Kennard said. “We’ve gotten to know the leaders of DBG over the past few months, and their philosophy and focus aligns well with the needs of our community. They’ve done great things in Detroit, and we’re confident this partnership will flourish and will grow here in Romulus.

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