Red Cross Youth Leader [for Filipino Nationals only] -Philippines


The Red Cross Youth Leader recommends and implements programs such as those related to, but not limited to, the recruitment, training, retention and recognition of young Red Cross volunteers to ensure a sustainable Red Cross volunteer program Red Cross within the organization. He or she oversees all Red Cross Youth activities and programs.

Recruitment, training, retention and recognition of young Red Cross volunteers

  • Design and plan youth development and leadership programs which may or may not be linked to the various CRP services
  • Ensure national implementation of Red Cross youth programmes, policies and procedures
  • Coordinate with different governmental, non-governmental and educational sectors and facilitate the recruitment of young Red Cross volunteers
  • Ensure that appropriate orientation and training is provided to young Red Cross volunteers to improve their skills and enable them to learn and acquire new skills and to be able to participate in the various services of the CRP as junior associates
  • Facilitate the conduct of regional and national camps and congresses to ensure continued involvement of members of the Red Cross Youth Council in the various activities of the CRP
  • Ensure that deserving young Red Cross volunteers are regularly recognized and rewarded.
  • Ensure that the Red Cross Youth Service maintains a pool of competent Red Cross Youth volunteers who are always ready to respond quickly to emergencies and/or special assignments that require their assistance and/or or their immediate services.
  • Ensure that Red Cross Youth volunteer profiles are always up to date, including but not limited to personal data, trainings attended, etc., and ensure that this data is easily available for use by the CRP.
  • Coordinate with other Services, Departments and Chapters on curriculum updates and trainings that may be used or revised for the benefit of Red Cross Youth Council members
  • Lead orientation and/or act as focal point for Red Cross Youth functions and Red Cross Youth volunteer work of the CRP
  • Provide advice and technical assistance to services and chapters on the management of Red Cross Youth volunteers
  • Coordinate with different agencies the sponsorship of Red Cross Youth Council members sent abroad to participate in Red Cross youth related activities


  • Develops the unit’s objectives annually and ensures that they are aligned with the strategic direction of the organization
  • Evaluate individual and team performance and provide feedback to ensure unit goals are met
  • Design an effective and efficient job structure for Red Cross Youth staff and continuously monitor their workload to ensure results are delivered on time and quality of work is not compromised
  • Ensure that all subordinates adhere to PRC policies and regulations
  • Attend management meetings
  • Participate in the development of the strategic direction of the organization
  • Orient and/or train newly hired staff with Red Cross Youth culture and processes
  • Propose and control the unit’s annual budget
  • Prepare and submit monthly and/or annual unit report to Director of Volunteer Development
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities delegated by the Director of Volunteer Development within his capacity and the mandate of the Philippine Red Cross


  • Bachelor’s degree/college diploma (4-year course) Health sciences, community health, program management or related field
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in program management and youth-related activities

How to register

All interested candidates should submit their CV to [email protected]


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