Retract and apologize for your “discriminatory” comments


General news for Sunday, February 6, 2022


Abdul Mumin Issah

A group of young people in Enchi, the municipal capital of Aowin in the North West region, are calling on the MCE of Sekondi-Takoradi, Mr. Abdul Mumin Issa, to immediately withdraw his “discriminatory” remarks against the Enchi.

Recall that the MCE, on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, uttered insults against a policeman, an inspector Sarfo Andrews who was on duty at a checkpoint near the Kwesimintsim cemetery in Takoradi.

Arriving at the checkpoint in his V8 car, Mr Abdul Mumin was arrested by police on allegations of dangerous and reckless driving. The police’s decision to question him and put him through the norm infuriated the MCE as he verbally assaulted the officer.

He also threatened to teach him a lesson by having him transferred to Enchi.

His comments did not sit well with the youths of Enchi as they released a statement days after the incident calling on Abdul Mumin to retract and apologize.

According to the Concerned Enchi Youth, the remarks made by the MCE are derogatory and do not speak well of the good people of Enchi.

“We the people of Enchi are very offended by what we consider to be discriminatory remarks by the MCE!!! By threatening to transfer the said officer to Enchi, is he trying to suggest that Enchi, who is the capital of Aowin Municipality, is a place where government employees are transferred in order to punish them?Is it trying to tell the world that Enchi is a typical village associated with untold difficulties? We need additional and urgent responses from this NCE,” the statement read.

The group added that if the MCE does not respond to their demands, it will seek legal means to ensure the protection of the dignity of the Aowin people.

In the meantime, the MCE has been suspended by President Akufo-Addo following his actions with the police.

Below is the full statement:


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