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Queens Borough President Donovan Richards has announced new appointments after defeating Republican opponent Thomas Zmich yesterday in the general election on Tuesday, November 2.

On Wednesday, November 3, Richards announced the appointments of Ebony Young as the new Deputy Chairman of the Borough of Queens and Michael Mallon as Chief of Staff, starting in January 2022.

Young, originally from Sunnyside, worked for 20 years for various nonprofits such as the YMCA of Long Island City, the Black Entrepreneur Initiative, and the Ladies of Hope Ministries, and is considered a leader in community development. youth and social justice reform.

“I believe in Richards’ vision and look forward to building a Queens that works for everyone by his side and with his team,” Young said. “The commitment to continuing my long history of thoughtful and impactful advocacy is unwavering, and I bring this successful leadership experience to the people of Queens. “

Young also ran for District 26 City Council earlier this year, before favorite Julie Won won the primary in June.

Mallon has spent the last decade in government service. Previously, he was Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for Richards, where he dealt with office events, hate crimes and bias response. Mallon also served as communications director for limited-term city councilor Daniel Dromm.

Mallon has proudly supported the LGBTQ + community for over a decade and has helped organize the passage of statewide legislation to ensure workplace protection for transgender and gender non-conforming people. . He has also raised tens of thousands of dollars for social service agencies that protect marginalized communities. Mallon is a transit activist and a founding member of the Riders Alliance.

“I am deeply honored to be appointed to serve as the next Chief of Staff to the President of the Borough of Queens, Richards. Richards has truly served the Borough of the World over the past year, and I remain committed to working with him and the new Deputy Chairman of the Borough of Queens Young to build on this progress, ”said Mallon .

Richards said Young and Mallon are talented individuals who have proven their dedication to public service throughout their careers.

“Young’s background in the nonprofit and housing sectors and Mallon’s work in government exemplifies the kind of passion and perspective we need to move Queens forward,” said Richards. “I look forward to serving with the new Deputy Borough President and Chief of Staff, and I look forward to continuing the good work. “

Rhonda Binda, who is currently Vice-President of the Borough, and Franck D. Joseph II, who is currently Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor, will be leaving Queens Borough Hall in the coming weeks. They were both appointed by Richards in December 2020, when he first took office.

Queens Borough Vice President Rhonda Binda and Queens Borough President Franck Joseph’s Chief of Staff speak at the unveiling of the statue of the former Borough President Queens, Claire Shulman, Thursday October 7, 2021 (Photo by Paul Frangipane)

Binda will work in the private sector and Joseph will explore other professional opportunities.

“In just 10 months, the office of the President of the Borough of Queens has accomplished so much, and Franck and Rhonda have been full partners in what we have done,” said Richards. “From launching the Gender Justice Initiative to work to putting Queens on the map as a tech capital, Rhonda was instrumental in getting the work started. As the first chief of staff and senior advisor, Franck was my right hand and crucial in starting my office. Whether it’s restructuring the office, launching new initiatives, and being a steadfast hand as a leader, I couldn’t be more grateful to have him by my side. I thank them both for everything they have done for our borough.

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