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By Bill Lipinski

William O. Lipinski former congressman from Illinois (5th and later 3rd district).  Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
William O. Lipinski former congressman from Illinois (5th and later 3rd district).

Religious freedom is under attack in our Land of Freedom like never before, and unless we work very hard to keep our religious freedom, we will lose it. If we lose our religious freedom, it will be even more difficult to keep the America we know and love.

Our founding fathers firmly believed in religion, they believed that religious freedom was necessary for the success of our democratic republic. George Washington declared that “religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society”.

He also said: “The freedom enjoyed by the inhabitants of these states to worship Almighty God, pleasing to their conscience, is not only one of the finest of their blessings, but also of their rights. ”

Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Equal and fair justice for all… freedom of religion, freedom of the press, personal freedom under the protection of habeas corpus; and trial by impartial juries – these principles form the bright constellation that has come before us. Jefferson also wrote, “I am for religious freedom and against all maneuvering to bring it down. ”

John Adams said: “We do not have a government armed with power capable of combating human passions unbridled by morality and religion… our constitution was made only for moral and religious persons. It is totally inadequate for the government of another.

Official Presidential Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale 1800. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Official Presidential Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale 1800. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Many Founding Fathers have repeatedly stated that American religious freedom not only meant that every citizen could practice whatever religion they wanted, but that the government could not force citizens to participate in activities their religion wanted. opposed, like people whose religious institutions are forced to allow abortions.

Ronald Reagan has made the following comments over the years: “I believe that faith and religion play a vital role in the political life of our republic, and always have and that the church, and hence I hear all churches, all faiths, has had a strong influence on the state and it has worked to our advantage as a democratic republic.

President Reagan also said that those who created our democratic republic, the Founding Fathers, understood that there is a divine order that transcends the human order and believed that the foundation of the moral order is religion.

For years the ultra-liberals and progressives have attacked our religious freedom.

Here are just a few examples of their many attacks on American religious freedom over many years: caring for couples or unmarried heterosexual couples; denial of contracts to religious humanitarian service agencies because they refuse to provide or refer clients to contraceptive or abortion services; do not allow prayer at school; not allow religious organizations to use meeting rooms in public buildings; not allow religious meetings in public places; and not allow the distribution of free religious literature in public places; forcing people in business to provide services to people whose practices oppose the religious tenants of the businessman; and the removal of monuments, memorials and displays of religious symbols from the public domain. In the first 110 years of our democratic republic, only three questions on religious freedom made it to the United States Supreme Court.

In recent years, 14 religious freedom cases have been decided by the United States Supreme Court. In recent years, 75 cases have been filed in federal courts in an attempt to limit freedom of religion. I’m sure those of you reading this are aware of many other attacks on religious freedom – I would very much appreciate you sending me information on these cases.

I don’t have all the answers on how to stop these attacks on religious freedom, but I have some ideas for actions we can take. Remember also that these attacks on religious freedoms are also attacks on our America!

We must enlist in our crusade all Americans who want to save religious freedom in our nation and restore faith in our democratic republic as the greatest nation on earth and the hope of mankind. When we see or hear an individual or entity attacking religion in our America, we must all be ready to stand up and affirm the need for religion and the greatest nation on earth, our America.

We should establish organizations to fight the enemies of religion and America, so that we do not have to stand against these evil forces on our own. The organizations could be simply called the “Religious Freedom Club of America”.

We need to get involved in politics, not only by giving money to parties and candidates, but by working for candidates who represent our views and have the same goals for our nation, and by presenting ourselves. in public functions, and by getting involved in the elaboration of the party agenda. .

We need to get involved in all areas of our society to blunt the forces of evil that are trying to eliminate religious freedom in the America we know and love.

It will take maximum effort on the part of the clergy, laity, women, men, Christians, Jews and Muslims to push back these evil forces and destroy religious freedom in America and the American way of life. Unfortunately, these destroyers are in our churches, in our temples, in our mosques, in our schools, in journalism, in the television and radio news, in our hospitals, in the entertainment industry and in sport.

This is why it will be a long, hard fight to save religious freedom in America and our American way of life.

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William Oliver Lipinski is a former United States Representative for the State of Illinois. He was a member of Chicago’s 23rd Ward Democratic Committee from 1975 and a ward city councilor until elected to Congress in 1982.

Lipinski writes the “Right of the Middle” column twice a month.

Born in Chicago, Cook County, Ill and graduated from St. Patrick High School, Chicago, Illinois, 1956; attended Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa, 1956-1957; United States Army Reserves, 1961-1967.

Lipinski was elected city councilor of Chicago, Illinois, 1975-1982; He has been a delegate to: the Democratic National Mid-Term Convention, 1974; Democratic National Convention, 1976 and 1984; Illinois State Democratic Convention, 1977.

He was elected Democrat at the Ninety-eighth and the following ten Congresses (January 3, 1983 – January 3, 2005)

His email is [email protected]

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