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The mission of The Right Path for Washington County is to promote the healthy development of youth through pro-social and community service opportunities for youth, primarily in grades 6 to 12.

In our 18th Summer of Safe Events for Teens and Families, we are hosting three mini farmer’s markets; our first, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on July 9, Marietta Aquatic Center, in partnership with GoPacks. Each young person who walks through the door will be given a ticket to shop at the market installed outside the pool. We’re excited to present our kids with free fruits and vegetables, many for the first time, provided by vendors at the Washington County Farmer’s Market. We will have a live radio remote control and a DJ and thanks to the town of Marietta we are offering a great rate. Doug and our friends at Wendy’s will also be on hand with games, prizes and contests.

Family swimming evenings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Friday from June 11 to August 6, live radio and DJ. Iheart Media and OMMA will alternate weekly and our summer partners will share information with us about their agency or business along the way. Mike Bishman’s Premier Productions and DJ Pat or Asa will provide music, games and fun for the whole family. The juvenile court graciously funded our DJ for all of our events. You don’t want to miss out on these opportunities to spend a few hours with the family having fun. Many of our regulars told us it was like a mini vacation.

Our second Farmer’s Market will be held from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday July 17 at Civitan Park in Belpre. Jon Neff and Bob’s Market will provide a wonderful selection of fresh produce, and we’ll help you shop and wrap your choices. Please share these dates with your family and friends and help make this our best summer yet. Our third market has not yet been defined, but we invite everyone to come to one or all of the markets. What a great way to promote health by enjoying fresh produce.

Our I’m Enough campaign continues this summer and throughout the school year. It helps our children to recognize that they are enough as they are; don’t let drugs and alcohol steal your dreams. The bracelets will be available all summer

Community support is essential to our success and we could not do it without partners: the Marietta Welfare League, Johnny Wharff, WC Behavioral Health Board, Juvenile Court, Judge Time Williams, City of Marietta, City of Belpre, Wendy’s, WMOA, IHeart Media, Marietta Times, Marietta Community Foundation Unrestricted Fund; J. Francis and Lillian Strecker Smith Fund, Karl D. and Anna Schultheis Marsch Fund, Broughton Sugden, F. Buchanon Fund, JH McCoy Switzer and Mildren Fund, Betty Markell Hallock Memorial Fund, Frank and Ginny Amrine Memorial Fund, Walter E. Patton Memorial Fund, Ida P. Zimmer Memorial Fund, Bret and Cari Bicoy Family Fund, Barb and Jack Moberg Charity Fund, Williams Family Charitable Fund, Juhola Family Charitable Fund, Alma Lou Moore Memorial Fund, Charles Hobbs Rhodes and Beulah Lee Rhodes Memorial Fund, R. Neil and Doris Christy Community Fund, Tony Popp Memorial Fund, Harold and Janet Cranston Charitable Fund, Sally Evans, Binkley Charitable Fund, Arthur and Betty Buell Family Fund, Dutch and O’Brien’s Act of Kindness Fund, William and Prudence Field Charitable Fonds, Rutter Family Fund, Holmes Family Community Fund, Norman Murray Family Charitable Fund, Virginia K. Mayle and Peter Polites Family Charitable Fund, Pete and Jean Thorne Mem orial Fund, and many friends and family who remembered my son, Jason Harper. Thank you to all of our generous donors who agree that no child should ever have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

We are delighted to be back with all of you after the pandemic has isolated so many of us. We missed you!!

Find us on Facebook; The right path for Washington County.

Cathy Harper, on behalf of The Right Path

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