Senator Nimba wants compensation for whistleblowers of drug users and dealers – FrontPageAfrica


MONROVIA – Senator Jeremiah Koung of Nimba County recommends a special account in the national budget to be used only to compensate whistleblowers of drug traffickers.

His recommendations came in response to a request from Sen. Steve Zargo of Lofa County and Sen. Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserado County who had under Tuesday’s agenda AOB for discussion the Newkru town scramble. and the situation of disadvantaged young people commonly known as ‘zogos’.

Defending his argument, the Nimba County Senator said that if such a practice is applied to drug dealers and smugglers, it could help curb the infiltration of drugs into society that is destroying the young generation of the country.

“Dear colleagues, believe me, if such a method is introduced, we will have a reduction in the level of drugs entering our country. An investigation has shown that Liberia is a safe haven for these drug traffickers and Grand Cape Mount County is one of the polarized counties for drug smuggling,” Senator Koung said.

Also speaking, Senator Saah Joseph of Montserrado County criticized Ministry of Youth and Sports officials for failing to introduce programs that would address the issues that have arisen and continue to arise as a challenge to development. young people.

Youth development issues are not about budget support, it’s about people focusing and knowing what they are doing,” he said.

The Montserrado County senator also accused a director of the Department of Youth and Sports of looting the youth center in Bentol City, the capital of Montserrado County, but did not name the director.

He recommended the separation of the youth component from the ministry and the creation of a youth development ministry.

Senator Joseph asked for the indulgence of his colleagues to invite the Minister of Youth and Sports to explain to the Senate his action plan and the commitments made by donors.

For his part, Sen. Varney Sherman of Grand Cape Mont County suggests the creation of a commission of inquiry that would include seven members of the Senate with subpoena powers to investigate in private and in public. “If we don’t focus on a way to move this situation forward, we will continue to circle around and achieve nothing,” Senator Sherman said.


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