Snopes denies Disneyland Texas rumor


An incredibly ridiculous internet rumor gained so much traction that it had to be shot down by Snopes. Snopes is one of the most popular fact-checking sites online.

The claim quoted by Snopes is: “The Walt Disney Company announced in September 2020 that Disneyland would be moved from California to Texas. “

Snopes judged the claim to be false, citing that it was satire from a blog called “Uncle Walt’s Insider”. On August 31, 2020, the site posted a Facebook post titled: “BREAKING: Disneyland is abandon California, move to Texas. “

According to the bogus article, the Walt Disney Company says it “has finally had enough” and that the state is “just crazy”. The article also cited a fake spokesperson.

“We’ve been looking at the numbers for some time,” the bogus spokesperson said. “Obviously we would prefer to keep the park in the same place that Walt built it. But lately it has become clear that it makes more financial sense to move to Texas. After all, we are not paying our Cast Members enough. to actually live in California, so many of them have already fled to Texas. “

The site claims the park is choosing to relocate like the thousands of residents who cannot afford California’s high cost of living and excessive Liberal government.

A later post showed the new park being built.

It appears that a number of commentators were fooled by the post.

via Facebook / Uncle Walt’s Insider

via Facebook / Uncle Walt’s Insider

via Facebook / Uncle Walt’s Insider

via Facebook / Uncle Walt’s Insider

The post received over 1,700 shares, appearing in countless newsfeeds. One thing we do know here at Upworthy is that there are a lot of people on Facebook who like to comment on stories without reading them.

There are also a lot of people who only read the headlines without digging into the story, so it’s unclear how many people were fooled by the article.

It’s amazing that people believe in such a story. How the hell do we move Disneyland? It would be pretty hard to put It’s a Small World away or throw Splash Mountain in the back of a board.

The report also plays on popular stereotypes perpetuated by the conservative media. The first is that the economy of Texas is superior to that of the Golden State.

A recent Bloomberg report crushes this idea.

The most reliable measure of economic strength indicates that California is the best in the world among democracies. The state’s gross domestic product has grown 21% over the past five years, eclipsing No.2 New York (14%) and No.3 Texas (12%), according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The gains added $ 530 billion to the Golden State, 30% more than the increase in New York and Texas combined and equivalent to Sweden’s entire economy.

The report also plays on another commonly claimed fallacy – that people are fleeing California in droves.

A recent report from the University of California found that “the majority of Californians still believe in the ‘California dream'” and that “residents are leaving the state, but not at an unusual rate.”

It also ends with a real zinger: “The California economy attracts as much venture capital as all the other states combined.

It is true that there has recently been a slight increase in the number of people leaving California for Texas. More than 687,000 people have left California for Texas in the past decade. However, an average of 35,000 to 40,000 Texas residents move to California each year.

The number of Texans coming west is fairly constant from year to year. But the number of Californians moving to Texas fluctuates wildly and is mostly tied to house prices.

Over the past year, the average price of homes in Southern California has increased 18.8%.

Sorry Texans, I don’t want to be hopeful, but Disneyland is staying put. The good news is you still have two Six Flags theme parks, a SeaWorld, and Greater Texas soon to be opening.

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