SPEED & SMILES: Local youth track team run country’s fastest relay – Port Arthur News


Four members of a local youth track relay team won the 4×100 fast time in the country for their division.

The Golden Triangle Club’s 8-and-under team ran a time of 1:05.06 at a meet in Houston.

The relay team consists of Teryn Antoine in the first leg, Khloe Joubert in second, Payten Gonzales in third and is anchored by Laila Booker.

“I always knew they had the ability to run fast, but I didn’t realize we were running that fast,” head coach DeVante Conner said. “I didn’t realize it until the guy came on loudspeaker and said it was the first time in the country.”

Conner said the girls are unusually focused on kids their own age.

“They listen and buy into what I tell them,” he said. “The way we train is the way we race. They are all 8 and 7 years old. They listen and follow the instructions until a “T”.

The group will be meeting at Prairie View A&M over the weekend. Conner said they will be racing the 4×100 relays, but added that they will be racing the 4×400 for the first time.

Conner said they were preparing for the junior Olympic qualifying rounds. This year, the Junior Olympics will be held in North Carolina.

Khloe Joubert’s mother, Ashley Joubert, said she was very proud of her daughter, who won three medals this year.

“Khloe works hard,” Ashley Joubert said. “You can tell when she’s in love with something. She’s going there, not just for herself, but for her team. At such a young age, she wants to win and be there for her team. To have that understanding at such a young age, she will go a long way.

Khloe Joubert competed at the Junior Olympics last year in the long jump. She returned to this event this year with great improvement, adding three feet to her previous record. She also competed in the 100m and 200m.

“It would mean everything to come back to the Junior Olympics, said Ashley Joubert. “With her records right now, I see her coming back for the long jump, the 100 and 200 and maybe the 4×100 with the way they are going.”

The Junior Olympics will take place from July 26 to August 6 in Greensboro, North Carolina.


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