St. Kitts Youth Department introduces two CARICOM Youth Ambassadors

St. Kitts Youth Department presents two CARICOM Youth Ambassadors 2022-2024

Saint Kitts and Nevis: The St. Kitts Youth Empowerment Department presented the profile of Iana Franks and Jalen Monzac, who will be the CARICOM Youth Ambassadors 2022-2024.

About Iana Franks

Iana Franks, 27, is currently employed at St. Kitts-Nevis National Bank. She left St. Kitts in 2019 to initially pursue a bachelor’s degree in management studies. Her career path quickly changed as she found herself involved in everyday conversations with her peers about contemporary Caribbean issues.

As a third-year student – now majoring in international relations – it became clear that she needed to become more involved in the social, economic and political conversations that plague her country.

Iana’s passion for local, regional and international relations and social change was illuminated due to subsequent exposure to the subject with the realization that we are responsible for the future of our country. This has since motivated his involvement in social responsibilities, leadership efforts and advocacy initiatives.

During her academic tenure, Iana positioned herself in leadership roles and participated in events that positively contributed to her professional development. Iana was the Health and Wellness Committee Chair, Mona and 2 appointed as the Culture and Entertainment Chair of the St. Kitts Nevis Jamaica Student Association.

Her involvement in social change continues to grow as she is one of the founders and producers of Sugar Curate, an independent, non-partisan online platform used to illuminate socio-economic issues, educate our communities and empower young people to have an opinion and a voice.

Additionally, she was chosen as the representative of Saint Kitts-Nevis at the 41st General Conference of UNESCO, held at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, on November 23, 2021.

During this endeavor, Iana was chosen as the Junior Rapporteur for the Caribbean and Latin America region and was able to make significant and meaningful contributions to the global outcome document on behalf of the region.

An avid lover of arts and culture, Iana has been a creative dance teacher, focusing on aerial dance, performance and the arts since 2016 at POISESKN – a multidisciplinary company offering creative, entertainment and personal services, in areas such as dance, pageantry and promotion. marketing.

Iana is from the small developing conference of St. Kitts-Nevis and she believes that for development to take place it is imperative that we take up the call to bring about small but empowering change within our communities and our country.

About Jalen Monzac

Jalen Monzac was born on the island of St. Kitts and is an aspiring economist, young parliamentarian and transformational leader. From his early teenage years, he knew he wanted to be a change agent for youth development and empowerment.

This desire led him to join the National Association of St. Kitts Youth Parliament in June 2020, where he collaboratively led the national conversation on youth issues by participating in mock parliamentary sessions and forums. Within SKNYPA, Jalen is a seasoned member who currently manages the financial affairs of the association as Treasurer.

Jalen is no stranger to the Caricom Youth Ambassadors program and its purpose, as he has been a full member of CYA Corp since 2020. Jalen has expanded his passion for youth empowerment by being closely involved in obtaining funding to build capacity among youth-led and youth-led. at the service of the groups of the Federation. Apart from that, he has served on several occasions as an alternate ambassador ensuring that the interests of young people are heard in national consultations and committees.

His involvement with young people extends to his professional life as he currently works at Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College as a Paralibrarian. Recently, Jalen became an assistant lecturer, teaching evening classes within the school’s adult and continuing education division. While at CFBC, Jalen helped launch the CFBC Alumni Association and had the opportunity to interact with many young people of all kinds on a daily basis.

Jalen recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of the West Indies, Open Campus, which he hopes to leverage to build a thriving career in analyzing and providing solutions to issues facing our small island economies and development. sustainable.

He enjoys engaging in intellectual discussions with his peers on current issues, watching period dramas and documentaries, and is an avid reader of non-fiction material.

Caricom Youth Ambassador Jalen Monzac is delighted to be engaging with so many young people in the Federation.

He is happy to be a defender of their interests so that they are taken into account by the decision-makers concerned. He also hopes to collaborate with young leaders in the region to educate young people about CARICOM through various programs and initiatives.


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