Ted Cruz and Dan Patrick help Midland’s ChinaAid celebrate its 20th anniversary


ChinaAid, a Midland-based human rights organization dedicated to promoting religious freedom and exposing the trappings of the communist regime, held its 20e birthday party at the Green Tree Country Club Thursday night.

The event welcomed a host of impressive speakers who described Bob Fu, the organization’s founder, as a “hero” for all his courageous work in rescuing persecuted Chinese citizens and bringing abuses and abuses to light. human rights violations perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party. .

Kevin Sparks, a Midland businessman who appears set to replace Kel Seliger as state senator for District 31, cited the Wall Street Journal’s description of ChinaAid.

“I love what the Wall Street Journal said about ChinaAid, it said it’s the most influential network of human rights activists, underground Christian freedom fighters in all of China” , did he declare.

He added that Bob Fu is a great scholar, a theologian pastor and a lover of Jesus and his bravery and dedication fuel his organization.

Sparks then spoke of Fu’s national influence, recalling a time when Fu had traveled to Geneva to speak with the High Commission for Human Rights.

“The top human rights lawyers in the world work at the UN, they’re Harvard-educated, they’re Oxford-educated, and Bob Fu was so persuasive to them that when we left, they formed a team and went to China itself – the UN, and they confronted China about the human rights abuses that Bob brought up,” he said.

Fu spoke of the founding of ChinaAid which took place in 2002 when he learned that five Chinese house church leaders had been sentenced to death in China for their religious practices.

Following the news, Fu and ChinaAid met with members of the US Congress, detailing the human rights abuses. After the meeting with Congress, ChinaAid sent a team of human rights lawyers to China to defend those persecuted – all five death sentences were overturned.

US Senator Ted Cruz was present and spoke about the Chinese Communist Party.

“Right now the Chinese government is practicing – on an institutionalized basis – murder, torture, persecution of Christians, persecution of Uyghurs. More than a million Uyghurs in concentration camps today,” a- he declared.

He said organizations like ChinaAid liberate citizens in places like Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the presence of underground religious freedom groups “terrifies” the CCP. He detailed his trip to Hong Kong during the movement of the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill of 2019.

“There were protesters in the streets, they were incredible protests, heroic protesters – many of them children, teenagers. Risking their lives, standing; many of them waving American flags. I saw them holding up signs with quotes from the American Founding Fathers,” he said.

Prior to the event, in an interview with the Reporter-Telegram, Cruz shared his thoughts on ChinaAid and its founder and chairman Bob Fu.

“Bob has been a heroic voice and a courageous voice speaking out for religious freedom, speaking out for human rights, speaking out for, not just Chinese Americans here, but millions of Chinese citizens face the oppression of a despotic communist government,” he noted.

In the same interview, Cruz claimed that the evils of communism were personal to him, as his family in Cuba was imprisoned and tortured by communist dictators.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a devout Christian, also spoke at the dinner. He spoke about the importance of religious freedom, Chinese oppression, and the state of Christianity in America today.

“We have an election cycle in 22, we have another in 24 and I think Ted, you would agree, if we don’t wake up and see the light in these two elections – your rights, including the rights you just always believed you always would have, will slowly but surely be taken away,” he said.

At the end of the dinner, the ChinaAid Treasurer encouraged attendees to contribute to ChinaAid so that they could continue their valuable and life-saving work for religious freedom in China.

“The ligament that holds all other freedoms together,” he classified religious freedom.


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