The Alloa youth group offers an Easter program for young people


A thriving youth charity in Alloa capped off its Easter program last week with a creative youth event.

Connect ran a number of programs throughout the Easter holidays, with activities including a trip to the cinema and Stirling’s Escape Rooms, before ending the week with a Creative Night on Friday 15th April.

Dave Crozier, the charity’s founder and project manager, looked back on a great week of activity.

He told the Advertiser“We looked at creativity in different ways that night.

“A lot of young people are into Dungeons and Dragons, so we’ve advanced our way now.

“We used Warhammer miniatures to develop characters for the game and to help introduce the game and how it works.

“We also had a volunteer doing an activity where they made faces out of materials, either for D&D or different things.

“We also had a young man working on his Dynamic Youth Awards which is really good because it’s something they can do with us and through Youth Scotland he issues SCQF certificates on their school awards .

“He’s a young man who comes to us and through us we can help him push his limits, but it’s also something he loves, so.

“It helps him, firstly, to reduce his level of social isolation while helping him with his schooling in a more informal way.

“Everyone seemed to be having a great time, we also had a few new people which is good.”

Earlier in the week, Connect held a community day where cakes were baked and leftover cakes were distributed overnight.

The group also went to the Alloa Cinema to see Sonic the Hedgehog 2 while on another day the youngsters toured the Stirling Escape Rooms before ending the day with a McDonald’s.

Reflecting on the week, Dave continued: “We’ve done really well with our Easter program, we’ve brought in a lot of new young people, we’ve encouraged people to come back who are now staying with the group.

“It was a team effort with staff and administrators.

“We want to reach the hard to reach people. How to reach them? With events like this.

“Knowing that we are having a bigger impact than two months ago is really beneficial for me to know that we can still be progressive and do more.

“It’s been a really good week talking to them about how they want the band to work.

“We are here and we have certain things, but if they want something, we will do our best to make it happen.

“I think they’re starting to realize that they have ownership of the project too.”

To visit or find Connect on Facebook to find out how to get involved.


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